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When you need coaching, have a private chat with our online coach.

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What is CoachChat?

CoachChat is a private chat service that provides coaching for Change Designs Gold members.

If you enjoy texting, chatting or using WhatsApp on your smart phone, then you will enjoy using CoachChat. As easy to use as a chat, this online coaching service means you get the benefit of a personal coach, without having to book an appointment or pay hourly coaching fees.

To begin a coaching session, go to the CoachChat page and ask a question. The coach will answer on the same page. You can use your smart phone, tablet or computer to chat from wherever you are, and from whichever device you have handy at that time. Your chat is stored in a private zone for you in the cloud and only you will be able to see your chat.


Who uses CoachChat:

  • Anyone needing private coaching or mentoring at work.
  • Anyone signed up as a Change Designs Gold member.


How to use CoachChat

  1. With your Change Designs Gold membership, log in to the member zone.
  2. Once logged in, a blue member bar will appear. Click the "CoachChat" button to go to your own private chat page. This is a private page that only you will be able to see, and only when you are logged in.
  3. Ask a question to begin a chat.
  4. The coach's response will appear on your personal CoachChat page.

Types of questions and discussions

Topics you may want to chat to the coach about.

  1. Strategic planning.
  2. Change management.
  3. Innovation.
  4. Facilitation.
  5. Work place politics.
  6. Career guidance.
  7. Handling difficult people.
  8. Managing a department or team.
  9. Team work.
  10. Organizational Development.
  11. Resistance to changes.
  12. Managing the people side of a merger.
  13. How business.
  14. Starting your own business.

Start chatting with the coach today.

The Coach is normally in the office between 07:00 UTC and 15:00 UTC Mondays to Fridays to answer your queries. Expect an answer during these times. Ask your questions anytime.

It is currently

Sign up to gold membership and start chatting with the coach today.

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