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Strategy, Innovation, Change Management, Organizational Development, Coaching and Facilitation

The Change Designs portal provides resources for anyone working at an organization wide, team or individual level in an organization. If you are involved in Strategy, Change Management, Innovation, Organizational Development or Leadership, you will find resources to help you. Use our how to guides, diagnostic and measurement tools, activities, toolkits and online coach to get the support you need to be successful at work.

Articles, tools and guides are grouped according to the level you are working at, in your organization. The main categories are: My organization, My Team and Me (individual level). These are further divided into strategic planning, change management, facilitation, innovation and leadership.

My Organization

Unleash the power within your organization ...

Articles, tools and expert systems on:

  • Strategy or strategic planning.
  • Strategy implementation.
  • Organizational development.
  • Change management at a project or organizational wide level.
  • Innovation.
  • Coaching.

When you want to:

  • Build a new vision, values or brand.
  • Cascade a new vision or strategy. Change a culture.
  • Develop a change management strategy.
  • Manage the people side of a project.
  • Manage complex situations such as a merger or a restructure.
  • Implement a strategy or project that cuts across many areas.

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My Team

Unleash the power within your team ...

Articles, guides and tools relating to:

  • Generate excitement around a new strategy or culture.
  • Develop a strategic plan for your area.
  • Do change management, coaching or innovation.
  • Facilitate a workshop.
  • Manage a project.
  • Solve a complex team problem.
  • Organizational development at a team level.

When you want to get your team to:

  • Take responsibility.
  • Support one another.
  • Change their paradigms.
  • Contribute to a new strategy, change or project.
  • Take positive action to achieve goals, projects o r changes.
  • Find creative ways around problems.
  • Bounce back after a restructure, merger or retrenchment.
  • Live your organization's values.

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Unleash the power within yourself ...

Articles and tools relating to:

  • Develop a personal life and career strategy.
  • Get focused.
  • Manage your time better.
  • Find your passion.
  • Reinvent your life.
  • Get your passion and energy back.
  • Solve problems that are holding you back.
  • Take positive actions to achieve goals.
  • Reconnect with your creative self.
  • Create a business out of your passion.
  • Bounce back after being retrenched.
  • Deal with burnout.

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Further information on Change Designs Portal

Who uses this site

Change Designs is a strategic partner to:

  • CEO's.
  • Leaders and managers at all levels working inside organizations.
  • Strategic planners.
  • Change managers.
  • Organizational Development managers and consultants.
  • Learning and Development departments.
  • Facilitators.
  • Business Schools to provide ongoing support to delegates on leadership programmes.
  • Coaches.
  • Change agents.
  • Educationalists.
  • Project managers looking for support on managing the people side of a project.

Topics covered

We provide articles, tools, guides, expert systems, dashboards, mentoring and training around the following topics:

  • Mergers. Restructures.
  • Solving complex organizational problems.
  • Strategic planning.
  • Strategy implementation.
  • Culture change.
  • Change Management.
  • Leadership at organizational, divisional and team levels.
  • Organizational Development.
  • Facilitation.
  • Innovation.
  • Coaching.
  • IQ, EQ, SQ.
  • Managing the people side of projects.
  • Managing morale.
  • Building teams.

These topics are grouped under : Me, My Team and My organization.

Your strategic partner

Get a competitive advantage. Use Change Designs as your strategic partner.

Getting around

There are six ways you can easily find what you are looking for.

1. By the level you are working at.

To make it easy for you to navigate, we have grouped a wide range of topics under 3 levels. My organization, My team and Me. For each of these areas, we have grouped the types of topics you may be interested into 3 themes:

  • My organization: Strategy. Innovation. Change management
  • My team: Team strategy. Team innovation. Team leadership.
  • Me: Simplify. Inspire. Apply.

2. Easy article finder.

  • An easy way to find an article is to use the easy article finder. This is a visual pinboard of all Change Designs articles, tools, expert systems and guides. You can filter articles by topic. You can also search and highlight key words in each article.

3. Member tools, guides and articles.

  • If you are looking for applied knowledge, online tools, how to's, expert systems, dashboards,and diagnostic tools, you will see all of these in the member tools, guides and articles pinboard. Once again, you can filter these by topic and use the search and highlight keywords for each member tool.

4. Community pinboard.

  • Whenever you read an article that you'd like to keep, you can pin it to the community pinboard by pressing the Pin It button at the bottom of each article. You can also see the favorite articles and blogs pinned by others.

5. Member's personal pinboard.

  • When you read something you want to keep on your own private pinboard, log in as a member. Then whenever you press the Pin It button at the bottom of a page, it will be stored on your own private, search-able pinboard. If you forget to log in first, and pin an article, it will be pinned onto the community pinboard.
  • As a member you can pin articles, tools, an answer from the coach to a question you or others have posted, blog posts and guides to your own pinboard. You can also edit the description of each pin and put in your own keywords. This means it is even easier for you to search and find what you are looking for. You can delete pins easily too.

6. The site search facility.

Use the search button on the top of each page to quickly search our entire site around any theme. Search results will include articles, case studies, tools, and relevant items from our store.

Change Designs
provides resources on Leadership,  Strategic Planning, Change Management, OD ... for organizations, teams & individuals.
Use our member guides & tools to solve problems & achieve success at work.

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Change Designs Featured Product

  • Change Puzzle kit

    Change Puzzle kit

    Change Puzzle: A systems thinking tool to use to diagnose, plan and measure complex changes. Used in strategy implementation, project implementation, strategic alignment, culture change, values roll-out, OD, change management & performance improvement.


    You save: R-20,875.00

    Price: R20,875.00 

  • Winning-The-Game-of-Change


    Winning the game of change. A game used to develop a change management strategy or plan. Use this participative tool in a workshop to plan to implement the people side of a project or develop an OD plan or change management strategy for an organization.


    You save: R-20,950.00

    Price: R20,950.00 

  • The Change Cycle Cards

    The Change Cycle Cards

    Change management cycle cards. Manage resistance to change. Used by managers, project managers and change agents.


    You save: R-315.00

    Price: R315.00 



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