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July 2014
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Implementing strategy

What makes it fail and work?




It is strategy season again. Over the next few months executives will invest huge amounts of time, energy and money in formulating their strategies. After their strategy retreats are over, the executive leaders will heave a huge sigh of relief as they hand over strategic projects to middle management project teams to implement their strategies. As they see it, their work is over. But how many of these projects will be successful?

In our first article, we begin with a video that shows how project teams often behave in meetings. And how this behaviour can change the goals of the project until they no longer support the organization's strategy. The article then lists 10 reasons why team behaviours often cause strategic projects to fail.

Careful planning is a predictor of project success. Anton van den Berg strips away the theory to provide a practical article on how to develop an action plan.

We end with 2 new planning tools in our member zone around planning a project aimed at embedding organizational values into a culture.

We hope that these articles and tools will help you to achieve success on your strategic projects.

The Change Designs team

New articles:



Why strategic projects fail

Management in-expertise in action.

Achieving strategic initiatives often require teams from different areas of the organization to work together on a strategic project. The project team gets together, they discuss the project, assign roles and responsibilities to those who will do the actual work, and once this has been done, everyone goes away satisfied. Yet when the project team fails to achieve the project goals, or the organization fails to achieve what it expected from its strategies, everyone is surprised.

This article begins with a brilliant video that highlights typical management behaviour in meetings and how this affects what can be achieved on a project. The article that follows provides 10 reasons why project teams comprising people from different silos, fail to achieve the goal of their project.

Why strategic projects fail.


Action planning.

How to develop an action plan.

One of the ways to predict whether or not a strategic plan is likely to achieve the results you want, is to look at the quality of the plan. In this practical article Anton van den Berg explains what an action plan is, and 4 steps you can follow to develop an action plan.

How to develop an action plan.

What's new in our member zone

OD intervention


Step-by-step values roll-out

A series of guides to help you roll-out organizational values.

Rolling out organizational values, or embedding them into a culture requires far more than a few workshops. It requires you to change the beliefs, attitudes, behaviours and habits of both teams and individuals throughout the organization. Doing this requires complex planning.

In this month's newsletter, we provide the first two steps in the planning process for translating organizational values into behaviors.

  1. Values roll-out - clarify objectives. How to clarify the objectives for cascading or embedding organizational values.
  2. Values-roll-out - identify stakeholders. How to identify the stakeholders of a values roll-out process. How to define the roles each stakeholder will need to play in order to embed the values into the organizational culture.

View other values interventions in the OD interventions library.

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