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December 2013
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On our personal and leadership journeys.


The end of a year is a good time for reflection. Where are we in our journey - both in our personal lives, and as leaders? What lessons have we learned? What insights have we gained? And what do we still need to learn as we progress further along the path?

In the final article in Ken Ideus's series on authentic leadership, we get to reflect on what happened to our own voice. Where did we lose it? How can we rediscover it? And how can we use our own unique voice to lead others authentically?

Susan Ksiezopolski ends her series of blog posts on transformation by reflecting on her transformation journey, and the insights she has gained along the way. She notices that endings are often new beginnings.

We add 2 new OD interventions into our member zone to help you with your team, as they progress on their transformation journeys. Then we introduce our new range of membership options - and an exiting new feature called CoachChat.

We hope that as you end off the old year, you feel a sense of achievement for the distance you have travelled over the last year. Then, as the new year approaches, you get ready for the new beginnings that will mark the next phase of your leadership journey.

The Change Designs team

New articles:


The leader's voice.

Use your own voice to lead authentically. By Ken Ideus.

In the eighth of the authentic leadership series by Ken Ideus, Ken deals with the leader's voice.

In this article, Ken explains what voice is, what finding your own voice means, and how to use your own voice to lead authentically. Another of Ken's articles that is choc full of wisdom.

The leader's voice.

New blog post


The end of transformation.

The last stage of personal transformation by Susan Ksiezopolski.

In this inspiring blog post, Susan explains why the end of a personal transformation is so confusing. She then provides 3 key success factors for managing the final stage of a transformation and how to reflect on your transformation journey.

This is the third in a series of blog posts on personal transformation. Read Susan's earlier blog posts:

  1. The beginning of transformation.
  2. The middle of transformation.

If you are going through any personal change, and are feeling confused or vulnerable, this wonderful series will not only make you feel that you are not alone, but it will inspire you to continue on your journey.

The end of transformation.

What's new in our member zone



2 new OD interventions.

New OD interventions in our OD interventions library.

Our two new OD interventions this month are:

  1. A presentation on the nature of change. Use this to build the confidence in your team, in their ability to handle any change.
  2. Rebuild trust after an organizational restructure. A workshop activity that allows people who don't like to talk about feelings, to express how they feel in a creative way.

Go to OD interventions library.

A new Membership Structure

gold membership

silver membership

Gold and Silver membership options.

Support when and where you need it.

We have revised our membership into two streams. The Gold membership option has access to all content and services on Change Designs including the new CoachChat online coaching service. Silver membership has access to all guides, tools and articles but without the CoachChat online coaching service.

We are constantly adding new guides, tools and articles to provide you with support when and where you need it.

Review the membership benefits and options

Introducing CoachChat

coach chat

An online private chat service for gold members.

An easy way to chat to our coach.

If you enjoy texting, chatting or using WhatsApp on your smart phone, then you will enjoy using CoachChat , our new online coaching service that is just like a chat. Begin the chat by asking the coach a question. You can access this service via a button on your member's menu or via the shortcut on your member's home page after logging in. Each member has their own private CoachChat page to interact with the coach.

More about CoachChat

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