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April 2014
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On the organizational stage

The actors who play their parts


William Shakespeare's immortal words in 'As you Like it' apply to organizations today: "All the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely players; They have their exits and their entrances..."

On the organizational stage we act out different roles depending on the play we are performing.

Our first play in this newsletter, involves strategic management. As the scenes change from the birth of strategy, to the rallying of the troops around a noble cause, to the execution of strategy, so different actors take center stage. Our first article describes the 9 leadership roles in the play of strategic management.

One of the key roles we all need to play in both our working and personal lives, is the role of the successful salesman. For many of us, this is a role we’d rather avoid. Colette Symanowitz explains how to successfully play the salesman without selling.

When the scene changes to our careers, many of us hard working, supercharged hares, find we are losing the race to the slower tortoises. This article shows how the tortoise uses the power of networking to get ahead.

We hope that these thoughts will help you to play your roles better on the organizational stage.

The Change Designs team

New articles:



Roles played in strategic management

9 actors in a strategic management play.

Many people think that formulating a strategy is all you need to do for strategic management. Yet, this is simply the first scene of the play. As the scenes change from the birth of a new strategy, to motivating employees to take on new challenges, to implementing the strategy and achieving results - so different characters take center stage.

This article describes the 9 roles played by different actors in a strategic management play.

Roles played in strategic management.


The role of the salesman.

How to sell without selling.

Many of us who are not in sales positions, do not like selling. Yet selling is part of everyone’s job. Every day we are selling ourselves in some way. Whether you are convincing your boss to give you a raise, a potential client to accept your business proposal, or your spouse to change the TV channel, you are selling.

Effective selling is one of the most vital skills you need in order to achieve your goals in life and in your career. The key to doing this well, is to sell by not selling.

In this article Colette Symanowitz provides 8 steps to help you to influence and win over others by using problem solving skills.

How to sell without selling.


Why the tortoise wins

How the tortoise uses networking to win the career race.

We are living in a world where we are told that the key to success is speed. Our organizations constantly measure our productivity, and our performance. Our customers expect instant answers and instant results. To meet everyone's expectations we work harder. We work longer hours. We neglect our families. We neglect ourselves. We try even harder. We fail.

We run like hares - trying to win a race. Yet surely there must be a simpler way?

While we vitamin enriched superheroes have been sprinting towards success, the tortoise has been carving out a simpler path. He has been quietly building up support networks to ensure he achieves success effortlessly in the future.This article shows how tortoises use networking to win the career race.

How the tortoise wins.

What's new in our member zone

OD intervention


3 new OD interventions.

New OD interventions in our OD interventions library.

Our three new OD interventions this month are:

  1. Team values. Use this one hour activity to create a code of conduct or set of team values to stop conflict and build your team.
  2. Stakeholder promise. Align your organizational values to the values of your key stakeholders. Develop a stakeholder promise.
  3. Personal values. Help individuals to identify and share their personal values in a workshop - so that everyone knows how to get the best out of each team member.

Go to OD interventions library.

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