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July 2016
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Organisational culture change

Make it stick.


Organisations that want 'innovation' or 'customer service' to be practiced by their employees often embark on cultural change programmes. After many workshops, interventions, and roadshows, leaders are often frustrated that employee behaviour remains the same.

In our first article, we look at 5 reasons why it is so difficult to get employees to change their behaviour in order to support a new organisational culture.

Our blog on leadership and employee behaviour, looks at a simple way for leaders to change the way their employees behave. It's as simple as catching them doing it right, and acknowledging them.

We add a new OD intervention into our member zone to help you to help a team to overcome their fear of change. Linked to that is a poster in our shop. Print out the poster and use it to inspire employees to 'go on a hero's journey.' Use this intervention to replace resistance to change, with excitement, motivation and inspiration.

We hope that as you change your organisational culture, you find our articles, OD interventions, blog and poster practical, simple and powerful to use.

The Change Designs team

New articles:


Organisational and culture change

Why a new organisational culture does not translate into behavioural change.

Why is it so difficult to get people to change the way they behave so that their behaviour supports a new organisational culture or values? Why do most cultural change processes fail so miserably once the hype of the roadshows are over?

This article provides 5 reasons why a cultural change intervention is likely to fail and what you need to do to actually change a culture.

Organisational culture and behavioural change.

New blog post


Leadership and employee behaviour.

Catch them doing it right & acknowledge them.

This blog post describes an interesting dynamic at work. One that is crucial to changing an organisational culture. It has to do with what leaders notice and acknowledge and how this affects employee behaviour in an organisation.

This blog post describes how some employees behave in a way that frustrates leaders. It then provides a simple, free 'magic wand' that you can use to change employee behaviour. It also provides case studies showing where and how this simple technique works in a culture change.

An easy way to change employee behaviour.

What's new in our member zone



A new OD intervention.

Overcome fear of change using an adaptation of "The Hero's Journey."

This presentation and OD intervention will help you to:

  1. Inspire a team to overcome their fear of change.
  2. Build excitement rather than resistance to an organisational change. A  powerful tool to use in culture change.

Go to info about the Hero's Journey to overcome fear of change.

What's new in our store


The Hero's Journey poster.

A motivational poster to use in your workshops.

A  downloadable poster in A2 size (23.4in 16.5in). Print it out and use it in your workshops to help a team to overcome their fear of change. Use it together with the OD intervention on The Hero's Journey.

The Hero's Journey poster is an adaptation of Joseph Campbell's work on stories, for use in organisations. It inspires teams at all levels to see change as a journey of self discovery, rather than a threat.

Go to the shop.

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