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October 2017
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Leading change in a VUCA world.

Set your team up for success.


The ability to lead a team on a journey to success in a complex and uncertain world, is an important leadership skill.

In our first article, we look at how the stories that we grew up with, influence our beliefs, our character traits, and therefore our ability to achieve success in a VUCA world. We reinterpret the Cindarella story and compare it to the story of an everyday hero.

In our second article, we provide an info-graphic of the typical beliefs of leaders guided by a Cindarella story, compared to the beliefs of hero leaders. We suggest that when you select leaders, project managers and change agents, you think about whether or not their beliefs will set them up for success.

In the third section, we look at the start of any story, adventure, project or change. How you communicate with the various characters in your change story, will determine how they will view your change. Whether it is interpreted as a horror story, or an inspiring tale. In the member guide, we provide a guide for communicating change during the launch of a project or change.

In the fourth section, we look at how to communicate to change agents, managers and employees, before we train them in the roles they will play on their journey of change.

In the fifth section, we present our featured book. "Blackboards, Bubbles & Cappuccinos" by Ruth Tearle. A book to help you discover the hero within you.

We hope that these articles, guides and book will inspire you and set you up for success.

The Change Designs team

Motivational stories



Stories that set us up for success.

Which is your story? Cindarella or The Heroe's Journey?

The stories we grew up with, influence our beliefs. Our beliefs affect our ability to be successful in life and at work.

Our lives are shaped by stories. Stories about how we should live. The type of people we should become. But the stories that motivate us the most, are often stories about how and why success happens to some people and not to others.

There are 2 important stories about the art of success that influence the ability of teams to achieve results in organizations.

  1. Cindarella
  2. The Heroe's journey.

Read a modern organizational twist on these two stories. Then ask yourself. Which is my story? Which is my team's story? And how does this affect our ability to achieve at work?

Motivational stories.

Beliefs for leaders in a VUCA world


What stories tell you about leadership potential.

How to select leaders & change agents.

The ability to achieve results in a complex and ever changing environment, is an important skill of any leader today. Whether we are leading our teams to implement new strategies, projects, changes, structures or systems, or trying to change our organizational culture, we need leaders who can achieve results.

Before we select people to lead projects or changes, we need to ensure that they have the belief system that will help them to overcome obstacles, and stay committed to a path, until they achieve a result.

This info-graphic shows how the beliefs of those who are guided by a Cindarella story, (or the need for instant results), compare to those who are inspired by the courage and perseverance of a heroe's journey. Our reimagined stories show how those who favour quick results, makeovers, and 'low hanging fruit', are less likely to persevere to the point of achieving results. While those that believe in focus, hard work, resilience and perseverance, are more likely to lead their teams to a successful result.

Go to the info-graphic showing how beliefs affect motivation.

Member guide: Communicate at a launch.



Communicate during the launch of an organizational change.

Reduce resistance and build support for a change.

The launch of a new project or organizational change, is the start of a journey or story, for the stakeholders of that change.

What you communicate, and how you communicate to each of your stakeholder groups, will determine the type of story you are creating in your organization. Is your change a story that will excite or bore people? Will your change be a horror story, or an inspiring one. Use this guide if you want to communicate in a way that helps your project or change leader to:

  1. Get buy-in to a change or project.
  2. Overcome resistance to change.
  3. Get stakeholders excited about the benefits the change will bring them.
  4. Help all the role players in your change, to understand what is expected of them, by when.

IThis guide shows you what to communicate, and how to communicate in order to build support and excitement around a change.

Communicate during the launch of an organizational change.

Member guide: Communicate before training.

OD intervention



Communicate change.

What and how to communicate before you train managers and change agents in their roles.

After the launch of a change or project in an organization, the hard work of preparing people to master new skills and behaviours begins. What and how should you communicate to managers and change agents? How do you use communication as a tool to encourage them to make the most of the training they will receive to manage the change in their areas.

This guide shows you how to plan your communication to managers, change agents and the rest of the organization, as you prepare to train people for their roles during a change. It provides practical advice for what to communicate, and how to communicate in a way that builds positive energy, buy-in and excitement.

What to communicate before you train change agents and managers.

Our featured book.


Blackboards, bubbles & cappuccinos.

An inspiring story to help you find the hero within you.

Need some inspiration for yourself or your team? Treat yourself and your team to an inspiring story that will rekindle your enthusiasm. Read it quickly just for the story, or savour it slowly and rediscover your personal power, courage, and purpose.

This book is available in the following formats:

  1. Print version.
  2. Kindle version.
  3. e book.

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