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August 2018
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Organizational Development

Develop your organization for future success


Organizational Development involves using custom designed activities and processes to help an organization or team to either solve a problem, or achieve a goal. To prepare people for a different future, OD often means changing the behavior of individuals and teams, as well as the systems and processes that influence their behavior

There are thousands of different types of OD Interventions. So how do you know which intervention you need? In our first article, we provide you with a guide you can use to help you choose the right intervention for your organization or team.

In our second article, we look at a problem many Organizational Development departments face. How to get the support they need from their operational leaders. We look at how to build credibility for OD in your organization.

In the third section, Mark Gorkin provides a case study of a successful OD process. He describes the activities he used to solve a complex problem that involved technological and social changes, career changes, diversity, conflict, stress and team building.

In our fourth section, we share our library of practical OD activities.

We hope that these articles, case studies and activities will help you solve problems and achieve goals, as you develop your organization for the future.

The Change Designs team

Types of OD interventions



OD interventions.

What type of OD intervention should you choose?

Organizational Development Interventions are carefully designed activities or interventions to help a team, department or organization to achieve a goal or solve a problem.

There are many thousands of OD interventions. From strategic planning to narrative therapy. From culture change to role clarification. From team building to conflict resolution. So how do you know which intervention to use? To complicate matters, many consultants choose to specialize in a particular intervention - rather than offering the full range of interventions available. But what if the intervention they feel most comfortable with is not what your organization or team needs right now?

Before choosing an OD solution, you need to be clear about exactly what you are trying to achieve. Then you can choose a solution that will help you to achieve your specific objectives.

This article shows you the different types objectives or problems you may be faced with. It then shows you how to choose which type of OD intervention is right for your organization, department or team right now.

What type of OD intervention should you choose?

Build credibility for OD.


Organizational Development Credibility

How to enhance the credibility of OD in your organization.

What do you do when your Organizational Development department is not getting the support it needs from operational managers?

In this article, we look at why the field of Organizational Development suffers from a credibility problem in so many organizations. We then look at what the customers of an Organizational Development department want. We show you how to speak the language of your customers when proposing your OD solutions. We then provide an 8 step process for building the credibility of the OD department.

Boost the credibility of OD in your organization.

OD case study: Change & diversity.

Mark Gorkin

Case study by Mark Gorkin.

Technological change combined with diversity management.

"A federal government division grappling destructively with the profound and emotionally frightening impact of the invading digital revolution becomes caught up in extremely hazardous (and potentially lawsuit costly) racial, professional, and demographic divisions. A critical incident intervention, stress resilience, change management, and team building process is illustrated and outlined, one that likely saved lives and/or careers and considerable federal monies, while rebuilding a seriously damaged work team culture and structure... "

In this energizing case study, Mark Gorkin describes a problem situation with elements of technological and social change, diversity, conflict and stress. He shares the organizational development activities and interventions he used to build a team, reduce stress, build resilience and trust.

Diversity case study.

OD Interventions library





OD Interventions library.

When you need to find practical OD activities to achieve your specific objectives.

As Mark Gorkin showed so well in his case study, behavior change occurs when people do and act, rather than talk or listen. This is why OD interventions that are based on group activities are so powerful. The more practical and energizing the activity, the better the result. But more importantly, the OD activities you use should support the objectives you want to achieve.

Our OD interventions library contains practical, energizing activities to use in group sessions or mini-workshops. Each intervention provides you with:

  1. A clear goal or objective.
  2. Who the activity is meant for.
  3. The time and materials you will need.
  4. The activity itself. The content you need to communicate, instructions for the group activity and how to get feedback. It also explains why the activity helps you to achieve a specific objective.
Member tool: OD interventions library

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