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March 2014
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Credibility at work

How to improve your confidence and credibility

executing strategy

How credible are you at work? How credible is your function?.

Are you the type of person that others seek out when they need something important done? Or do you find yourself ignored or over looked? Do you lack the confidence you need to inspire trust in others?

Credibility begins with you. If you don't have confidence in yourself, then you can't expect others to have confidence in you. Our first article provides 6 steps on how to be confident at work.

How do you turn your personal confidence into credibility for your function? Our second article provides 6 steps for enhancing the credibility of an OD or HR function.

Sometimes confidence comes from having a clear vision of where you are going, as well as clearly defined roles. We introduce 2 new OD interventions into our member zone to help leaders to get their teams to understand their vision, and to clarify team roles.

We hope that these tools and thoughts will help you to develop confidence in yourself and your function.

The Change Designs team

New articles:



How to be confident at work.

6 steps to gain self confidence and improve credibility.

Do you find yourself overlooked at work? Do you worry about failing because you are not getting the support you need? Are you secretly concerned that you may not be good enough?

If so, you need to work on your self-confidence. A lack of confidence affects your credibility. And a lack of credibility means you won't get the support you need from others.

This article provides you with 6 steps to become confident and gain credibility at work.

How to be confident and gain credibility.


Organizational development credibility.

How to enhance the credibility of OD in your organization.

While OD and HR professionals perform highly skilled work, many of them don't get the support they need to do their jobs well. Many organizational development managers complain that managers in operations don't understand or recognize what they do. Some complain that OD lacks credibility amongst operational leaders in their organizations.

This article provides 6 steps an OD or HR professional can follow, to build credibility for the OD function in their organization.

Enhance organizational development credibility.

What's new in our member zone

OD intervention


2 new OD interventions.

New OD interventions in our OD interventions library.

Our two new OD interventions this month are:

  1. Creative vision activity. A quick creative visioning activity. Use this to get a group to develop a clear picture of the end result of a vision, strategy, project or cultural change for themselves.
  2. Clarify team roles & responsibilities. An OD intervention to help a team to clarify their roles and responsibilities after an organizational change or restructure.

Go to OD interventions library.

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