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November 2016
Practical expertise @ work.
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Innovation at work.

More than words.


Many organizations spend millions of dollars on sophisticated innovation systems. But many of these systems fail to achieve real results that benefit the organization and its customers.

In our first article, we look at why, in spite of all the work we do on innovation, continuous improvement or quality programs, they fail to deliver real results.

In our second article we look at the power of groups in generating innovative ideas in a workshop environment.

Sometimes a small improvement that is actually achieved, is worth more than revolutionary ideas that never get implemented. Encouraging people to make small continuous improvements in the way they work, is a powerful way to develop a culture of innovation and empowerment. In our third article, we look at how to communicate the concepts of "Creative Fridays" - a practical way to encourage continuous improvements.

In the right culture, anyone can come up with creative ideas, and work on them until they achieve real results. Anyone can be a hero that achieves in spite of obstacles. Our fourth article looks at the friends and enemies of innovation in an organizational culture.

We hope that these articles and tools will stimulate your imagination and help you to help others to be innovative at work.

The Change Designs team

Why innovation programs fail.


Why innovation & continuous improvement fail

Five reasons why innovation & continuous improvement programs fail.

"I am so frustrated." The CEO told me. "We have been trying to develop a culture of innovation and continuous improvement for over 2 years now. We have set up an innovation department. We have developed an IT system for logging innovative ideas. We have trained up innovation champions. We have set up structures for assessing ideas. We have the most generous program for rewarding innovation. So why has no one actually achieved anything of value or made any improvements under our programs? What more do we have to do?"

This articles shows:

  1. 5 reasons why innovation and continuous improvements fail.
  2. How the lack of empowerment, space, focus, self belief, and problem solving skills affects innovation.

Why innovation and continuous improvement fail.

Get innovative ideas


Innovation in the workplace.

Generate innovative ideas in a workshop.

Do you need to run a workshop to encourage people to develop innovative ideas. Here are the four ingredients to running a successful team innovation workshop.

  1. Provide a clear focus.
  2. Provide new knowledge.
  3. Create a climate for creativity.
  4. Ask the right questions.

How to encourage innovation in a workshop.

Make small improvements



Creative Fridays

How to communicate Creative Fridays to employees

Many companies use Creative Fridays as a practical way to encourage their people to improve the way they do things at work. Creative Fridays are a day once a week, or once a month, where people are given the space to think, plan and implement small improvements, or work slowly but surely on larger innovations. Use this member tool to communicate to employees the following:

  1. What is Creative Friday.
  2. How Creative Friday will work.
  3. What you will do on Creative Friday.
  4. What you can expect when you first try to be creative.

Go to Creative Fridays

Develop an innovative culture


Creativity & Innovation

Develop a culture that supports innovation & Creativity.

Do you have a culture that supports innovation and creativity? Is your company filled with people who have the energy, drive and creativity to both develop and implement new ideas? Will your people keep working on their ideas until they achieve a result?

In this article we look at the enemies and friends of innovation in a corporate culture.

Friends and enemies of innovation.

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