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December 2017
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Looking forwards and backwards

A time for reflection.


December and January is a time to reflect. To look backwards and forwards. To take stock of the year that is passing and prepare for the year ahead. A time to think about what you have achieved, what you have learned, and the foundation you have set up for yourself and for your team, as you move from one year to the next.

In our first article, we look at the leader's role in helping his team to reflect on the year that is passing. We provide a mini workshop design that you can use to rekindle the flame of motivation in your team. So that you and your team end the year on a positive note.

In our second article, we look forward. We introduce a tool for planning your own life and career. Ken Ideus provides a wonderful tool for crafting your own personal development plan.

In the third section, we look at one of the greatest ironies of our age. How in spite of technological time saving devices, we seem to have less and less time to focus on what is most important to us. This article provides you with tools to help you to move forwards in the direction you want.

As we approach a new year, it is helpful to remind ourselves beliefs and behaviours help us to be great. Our fourth article provides ten steps to becoming truly extraordinary.

In the fifth section, we have a special December only offer for our readers. An extra month of membership, when you purchase any Change Designs membership in our shop.

We hope that these articles, guides and membership tools will inspire you to develop yourself even further, as you prepare for the year ahead.

The Change Designs team

Looking backwards



End of year motivational meeting

How to end the year on a positive note

It doesn't matter what level you are working at. Whether you are a CEO, a general manager or a team leader, your task as a leader is to end the year on a positive note so that your team is excited about coming back to work in the new year.

It is the end of yet another challenging year and you and your team are feeling quite weary. There have been many changes and challenges you and your team have had to cope with. Now as the end of the year approached, you notice that your team has lost motivation. You want to plan an end of year meeting or workshop. One that will show your team that you recognize and appreciate their hard work this year, and motivate them to contribute again next year.

This article shows you how to plan for a workshop or meeting with your team, so as to end the year on a positive note.

End of year meeting or workshop

Looking forwards


Design your own life plan

Why you need a personal development plan

"If you don't design your own life plan, chances are you'll fall into someone else's plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not Much." Jim Rohn.

In our busy world, we rarely take time to reflect on our lives and our careers. Are we happy? Is our career going according to plan? Are we becoming what we want to become? Are we living our dreams? Are we developing the skills, behaviors, influence and capabilities we need to prepare for our dreams? Are we making the right career choices for ourselves?

It is often difficult to think about and see our careers and our dreams in a simple way. One that helps us to develop our own personal development plan. Ken Ideus, provides a structured set of questions and a tool that will help you to create a visual map of your development.

Go to personal development plan.

Focus to move forwards



Focus: The key to moving forwards

Tired of jumping through hoops and getting no-where?

When last did you have time to be bored? To be creative? To think? To dream? To focus your full attention on a single challenge? To achieve something great?

The irony of our instant, networked age, is that in spite of our time saving technologies, most people are busier and more stressed than ever. With the demand for instant communication and instant results, many of us have lost our focus. Constantly jumping through hoops, we find ourselves working harder and longer hours, and achieving less.

This article provides 5 reasons why we need to focus to move forward. It also points five tools in our member zone. These practical tools will help you control how you spend your time and energy, and help you focus on what matters most, as you move forward.

Focus: How to achieve focus and negotiate your priorities.

Move forwards to a great life




Lead a phenomenal life.

Ten steps to being truly extraordinary.

Do you sometimes feel that life is passing you by? Do you wonder why wonderful things happen to others, but not to you?

Follow these ten steps to move forward into a phenomenal life.

Lead a phenomenal life.

December: Special on memberships


December special

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Want to move forward? A Change Designs membership provides you with the tool, guides and motivation to help you to achieve your personal and career goals.

Our special end of year offer. Buy any Change Designs membership during December 2017, and get one additional month free added onto your subscription.

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