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September 2016
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Strategic planning

Creating your future


How do you plan for the future in a turbulent environment - when you don't know what the future is likely to be like? Leaders use a number of tools to help them to anticipate the future world within which their organisations will operate. Of these, trend analysis and scenario development are the most popular. With good quality trend research as a background, they are both easy to do in that there is a logical step by step process you can follow.

In our first article, we look at how to develop powerful scenarios of the future.

We then present our latest research on strategic trends in the form of attractive Strategic Trends Cards for the planning period of 2016 - 2017. Use these cards to do a PEST analysis, to identify future opportunities and to develop powerful scenarios of the future.

We add a new OD intervention into our member zone. This is a right brain, creative activity you can use to help a team to develop their own scenario of the future. Use this intervention to turn their fear of the future into excitement about the future.

When we feel powerful, we have more energy. This energy helps us to create more exciting plans for the future. But what if we are feeling dis-empowered? In our blog post, we show you how to get your power and mojo back.

We hope that by using these tools, you will create powerful and exciting futures for yourself, your teams and your organization.

The Change Designs team

New articles:


Scenario planning

A tool for understanding the future environment within which your organization will operate.

Scenario planning is a tool used by leaders when planning the future of their organization, division or unit.

This articles shows:

  1. Why leaders develop planning scenarios of the future.
  2. 11 steps to follow to develop your own scenario of the future.

Scenario planning.

New research:


Strategic trends cards 2016/2017.

Up-to-date research on strategic trends

We have updated our strategic trend cards for the 2016/2017 planning season. Our strategic trends pin-board contains 50 cards. Click on a card and it will take you to detailed, yet concise research around a specific trend. Members can click on any card in our trends pin-board, and use the up-to-date research in their planning sessions.

These trends form the basic building blocs for :

  1. Doing a PEST or PESTLE analysis - as part of a planning process..
  2. Identifying new opportunities and threats.
  3. Developing high quality scenarios of the future.

Up to date research on strategic trends.

What's new in our member zone



Creative scenario activity

A creative activity to help a group to develop a scenario of the future external environment.

This OD intervention will help you to:

  1. Use a right brain technique to help a group to develop a scenario of the future environment within which they will operate.
  2. Get a group to be creative and excited about the future.

Go to OD interventions. Creative scenario activity.

New blog post


Take back your power

How to get your confidence and power back.

All of us go through periods in life when we feel un-confident and dis-empowered. Whether we face challenges at work or at home, a constant bombardment of negatively puts us in a place that we don't feel comfortable with. We feel tired and apathetic. We blame others for our problems. We don't like what we have become. And yet, we don't know how to get our power and mojo back.

In this blog post, Letitia Maneveld writes an encouraging letter from a wise self to an dis-empowered self on how to take back personal power. Use this letter to inspire yourself when you feel you have lost yourself.

Take back your power.

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