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October 2014
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Strategic planning

Activities to spice up your annual strategy retreat.




Strategic planning can be a creative and exciting process during which a team creates its own future together. Or it can be one of the most dull, boring waste of time events in an organizational calendar.

This month, many hours will be spent in strategy workshops, conferences or retreats. If your time together is spent listening to speaker after speaker talking about what they have done in the past and what they intend doing in the future, then you are setting yourselves up for a boring few days.

In this newsletter, we provide you with two group activities you can use to spice up your strategy retreat or conference.

The first activity helps a group to generate exciting new opportunities for your organization or division. It uses strategic trends in a creative way, to get groups to think outside of their existing paradigms.

The second activity gets a group to develop a scenario of the future macro environment within which your organization will operate. From there they can identify the new rules for being successful within their future scenario.

We hope that these practical activities will help you to add life and excitement to your strategic planning retreat.

The Change Designs team

New activity.



Strategic opportunities

How to develop opportunities from strategic trends.

This free OD intervention provides an activity you can use to get groups to identify opportunities from strategic trends. It makes use of the latest strategic trends research in our gold premium member zone.

Use this practical activity during your strategy, business development or innovation workshop. Watch the excitement build as your groups come up with loads of creative new opportunities for your organization or division.

OD intervention: Develop opportunities from trends.

In our member zone



Creative scenario activity.

A right brain creative activity to develop a scenario of the future.

A scenario is a picture of the future as though it were occurring today. In creating a scenario of the future, a team considers the political, social, economic, technological and business environments occurring at a predetermined future date. The scenario then helps a group to identify future key success factors - or the new rules or paradigms that will drive organizational success in the future.

This scenario activity makes use of a right brain group exercise to encourage groups to think creatively about the future. For best results, the scenario activity should follow the trends and opportunities activity.

This right brain scenario activity is popular in strategy, change or innovation workshops. Use it to get groups excited about the future, and about the role your organization can play within that future.

Go to the creative scenario activity.

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