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January 2013
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How to get your team performing at its best


What does 2013 hold in store for you and your team? Are you expecting a relaxed year during which you will finally experience the work/life balance you've always dreamed of? Or are you concerned that your team will face more challenges than they did last year? Are you worried about how will you and your team cope with all that needs to be done?

This newsletter provides practical articles and tools to help your team perform at their best - no matter what 2013 brings them.

We at Change Designs, wish you a wonderful, stress free 2013.

The Change Designs team

New Article


Team leadership skills - managing morale.

What you need to know to help your team perform at their best.

Great leaders and coaches are known for their ability to manage the morale of their teams. They are able to get the team (and every team member) to perform at their best – no matter what disappointments or challenges confront them.

This article describes why the ability to manage morale in a team, is such an important leadership skill. It explains why morale constantly changes, what good and poor morale looks like, and how to identify organizational triggers that can cause poor morale in your team.

We hope that by following some of the tips in this article, you can reduce stress, improve performance, and make working in your team exciting and rewarding for everyone.

Manage morale better...


morale diagnostic tool
morale diagnostic tool

Poor morale in the workplace - diagnostic tool.

What to do if there is poor morale in your team.

Do you worry that you may have a morale problem? Our new organizational development tool "Poor morale in the workplace - diagnostic tool" provides you with a quick and easy way to diagnose your morale problem. All you have to do is answer a few quick questions. This will lead you through a decision tree which helps you to diagnose the cause of your specific problem.

Anyone can use this diagnostic tool which is based on over 50 000 hours of consulting experience.

Members get an additional benefit. They get to see the best possible solution for their particular problem - out of forty possible solutions. These solutions provided detailed 'coaching' for solving your particular morale problem. All you need to do to see these solutions, is be logged in as a member.

Try out the poor morale in the workplace - diagnostic tool - free to try.

Start the year with a clear focus.

Spring clean your job - member tool.

For many people, 2012 felt like climbing a mountain. Now in 2013, it feels like there is another even higher mountain ahead. Before climbing the next mountain, it is wise to unpack your backpack, take out any unneccessary weight and check you have packed the right equipment for next phase of your journey.

This means taking the time to 'spring clean' your job. By taking out time wasters, eliminating unneccessary work, setting boundaries, and identifying core focus areas - you can reduce a lot of stress in your working life.

Use our cloud based personal focus tools - to get control over your job. Use the Value for time analysis tool to assess the value you are getting from how you spend your time. Use the Personal boundaries tool, to learn how to say No, when you need to. Use the Personal vision tool, to focus on what truly matters to you. Use the Identify your focus areas tool, to focus on the 20% of tasks that will contribute to 80% of your success in 2013. And use the Create a time budget tool, to take control over how you spend your time.

Use the focus member tools to spring clean your job.

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