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June 2013
Practical expertise @ work.
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A wonderful customer experience:

A hard act to follow.


At Change Designs we try to give our visitors a wonderful customer experience. We do this by constantly introducing exciting new features, tools and content designed to support and inspire you at work.

If you haven’t visited the Change Designs web portal lately, you will be surprised at the many new articles, blog posts, guides and tools on the site. But more importantly, the pinboards, filters, article summaries and other features we have created to make it easy for you to find what you need.

This newsletter describes two videos we have created to enhance your customer experience of our site. Our first video, An Introduction to the Change Designs Portal shows how to use the features available to anyone visiting the Change Designs portal . Our second video takes you on a tour Inside the Change Designs Member Zone. Then the blog post on The Best Customer Experience compares the experience of an audience at a concert to the experience many customers have when doing business. It describes what it takes to deliver a wonderful customer experience.

The Change Designs team

New videos:


An introduction to the Change Designs Portal.

How to use the features that make the Change Designs web portal so unique.

We try to give our readers a wonderful customer experience by constantly introducing new features, articles, guides and tools. Even if you visit the Change Designs web portal often you may not be aware of the many features that make using the CD portal such a good experience.

This video takes you on a quick tour inside the Change Designs web portal. It shows you how to get the support you need quickly and easily. It shows you how the site is structured, and how to use our colourful community pinboards, article finders, filter buttons, search tools and article summaries.

Learn how to use all the special features that make it easy for you to get the support you need.

Video: An introduction to the Change Designs Web Portal.

A tour inside the Change Designs member zone.

How to get practical support when you need it.

In this video, we take you on a tour inside the member zone. We show you all the special content and features available to members.

View examples of the guides, slide presentations, dashboards, diagnostic and self coaching tools available to members..

See how to get advice from the online coach. View the written replies the coach has given to other members. Learn how to customize your own personal pinboard to collect and find guides, tools, answers from the coach and other support material, from your computer, tablet or cell phone. Network with other members via our center of excellence. View all the features we have designed to give our members a wonderful customer experience.

Video. Inside the Change Designs Portal.

Blog post.


The best customer experience.

Why creating a customer experience is a hard act to follow.

This blog post compares a wonderful customer experience at “The Last Night of the Proms” to a typical customer experience in the world of business.

Even though many organizations invest time and money in customer focus initiatives and innovation programmes, the end result is often not the wonderful customer experience these programmes were designed to achieve. This blog post explores the gap between the intentions and the results of company initiatives aimed at promoting a wonderful customer experience.

The best customer experience.

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