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April 2013
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When things go wrong.

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Sometimes, despite our best intentions, things just go wrong. Our leaders, in spite of leadership development programmes,interventions and charters, just don't display the leadership style we expect. Our change agents and managers complain that they are not getting the support they need. Employees dealing with reduced sales volumes, reduced profitability, unhappy customers and unhappy managers feel that there is no way out of their problems.

In our first article on effective leadership styles, Graham Williams describes how the dark side of leadership can have a potential toxic effect on organizations. He shows how to recognize and avoid the dark side of leadership.

When change agents or change managers are not getting the support they need, it is often points to a problem with roles. In our second article, we provide a detailed description of the major roles that need to be played in change management.

When profits and sales are down, and there seems to be no way out, it is time to rethink the way you think. Our new book "Drawing a new map" by Henk Lourens, describes the type of thinking and behaviours you need to turn around an organization.

The Change Designs team

New articles:


Effective leadership styles.

How to recognize and avoid the dark side of leadership.

In this powerful article on effective leadership styles, Graham Williams explores the dark side of leadership and its potential toxic effect on organizations. He then compares the characteristics of dark vs light leaders.

Many organizations are trying to change the leadership style or leadership culture in their organizations. Some are promoting leadership or followship charters.

This article shows why it it is often extremely difficult to change leadership styles in an organization. It also show why it is important to recognize and follow good leaders.

Effective leadership styles...

Roles in change management

How to ensure you play the right role.

To get the support they need, each role player in change management needs to play a role which is appropriate to his/her level of skill, political power and the needs of the organization.

This article describes the three most important roles played in change management: The leader of a change management department; the change manager or consultant; and the change agent in a line department.

It then provides links to detailed job profiles for each role, in our member zone.

Roles in change management...

New book in our store


New strategy book.

Drawing a new map. Doing the right things well.

Do you have an effective strategic management process? Or have you resigned yourself to fire-fighting and company politics as the inevitable reality for most of your waking hours? Does it seem like managers and co-workers have gradually transformed into psychopaths and narcissists? Does it seem as if your company is running after every new fad in the vain hope of improving the bottom line, exhausting everyone in the process?

The premise of this book is that individual managers can make a difference and change this reality. This book provides a practical account of the strategic management process inside organizations. It presents examples where company turnarounds were achieved through the efforts of one or two individuals in a management team. These turnarounds were achieved in a very short space of time by focussing on leverage points and bypassing counterproductive aspects of human behaviour.

This book describes an effective strategic management process that combines both strategic learning and strategic alignment. It also provides many real life stories that bring strategic concepts to life. It is available in both epub and kindle formats.

Show me the book...

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