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June 2015
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Many customers are frustrated by complexity. " I just want to do something simple. Why do I have to work so hard as a customer?"

As the world becomes more complex, many companies are focusing on simplicity. They are actively trying to find ways to make it easy for their customers to do business with them.

This newsletter provides you with some articles and tools to make it easier for you in your role as leader.

  1. Our first blog post describes how some companies are changing the rules of customer service - by offering their customers simplicity.
  2. At the start of a strategy workshop, CEOs and leaders are expected to make a powerful speech to set the tone for the strategy retreat. This member tool makes it easy for you to write your opening address.
  3. Have you always wanted to collect and share your favorite Change Designs articles with your friends? In this newsletter we are proud to launch three Change Designs Magazines on Flipboard, plus a Flipboard button on our web site.

We hope that these tools, magazines and ideas will make it easier for you to be successful in your job.

The Change Designs team

Blog post: Customer satisfaction in a world of choice.

I love my

Customer satisfaction

How to put the customer back into 'customer centric.'

How often do you hear people say "I love my... bank, medical insurer, telecoms company, or insurance company" How many customers talk about how simple it is to work with these companies?

I can say that I love my bank. And this is why...

Customer satisfaction in a world of choice.

Member tool: Opening speech at a strategy workshop.

workshop speech



How to prepare a speech to open a strategy workshop.

For CEOs and leaders.

As a CEO, you are expected to deliver the opening address at your organization's strategic planning workshop or retreat. The speech, which sets the scene for the strategy workshop, usually lasts between 15 and 30 minutes. What you choose to focus on in your speech, will affect what your team focuses on and how they will behave during the strategy workshop. The delegates at your strategy workshop will use your speech to determine:

  1. Whether to trust the workshop agenda or not.
  2. How to think. Whether to focus on operational or strategic thinking.
  3. Whether or not to trust the facilitator. Whether or not to trust you, the leader to implement the strategy after the workshop.
  4. How to behave and how to work with one another during the workshop.

Go to how to prepare a speech to open a strategy workshop.

Change Designs magazines on Flip board.


organizational development

strategic planning

change management


Change Designs magazines on Flip board.

An easy way to read, collect and share your favorite articles from Change Designs.

Flipboard is an easy way to collect articles from a number of different sources and present these articles in a colourful magazine format. You can read your magazines on a tablet, phone or computer. There are a number of ways we are using Flipboard. to make your life easier.

  1. We have grouped some of our favorite articles into magazines around specific topics such as Organizational Development, Strategic Planning and Change Management. Simply sign into Flipboard, and follow the magazines on the topics that interest you most.
  2. You can share any article or magazine within Flipboard with your friends and colleagues by simply clicking the share button.
  3. You can create your own magazines. To get content for your own magazine, you can flip any article you like from any of our magazines or flip entire magazines, by simply pressing the + button.
  4. On www.changedesigns.net we have created a Flipboard button on every article page. If you want to flip any of our articles from www.changedesigns.net into your own magazine, simply click the Flipboard button at the top of the article and flip that article into any magazine you want.

We hope that our Flipboard magazines and Flipboard button on our website will help you to collect, store, read and share our articles easily

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Go to Change Management Magazine

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