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February 2013
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Simple wisdom.

Do less - achieve more.


Sometimes when we are in the thick of things, when too many people and projects are demanding out attention simultaneously, it is difficult to focus on what is really important. On the simple things that make a real difference.

When the stress is on, it is useful to take a few minutes off work. Read the simple wisdom contained in our three blog posts. Then go back to work and focus on the simple things that will help you most.

The first post by Susan Ksiezopolski shows how to get through the middle or 'muddle' of any transformation. The second post shows that you need to keep it simple to get the support you need. The third post by Colette Symanowitz shows the power of a simple Thank You in building relationships.

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New blog posts


The middle of transformation.

How to stay the course in the 'muddle' of personal change.

If you enjoyed reading Susan Ksiezopolski's first blog post on the beginning of transformation, then you will be delighted to read about the next stage of her journey. In this equally inspiring and wise blog post, Susan describes how to deal with the middle of a transformation - when the beginning is just a distant memory, and the future no longer looks clear.

She provides wisdom you can use to get through the 'muddle phase' of any transformation.

Read this blog post if you are in the middle of any change.

Get through the middle of transformation...

Simplicity at work.

How to get leaders to trust and support you.

As a mentor, there is a question I get asked over and over again. How do I get leaders to trust and support me? This question pops up whenever anyone is preparing a presentation for their executive. Whether they are implementing a new system, process or strategy. Or they are selling a new function such as change management, innovation, or talent management - they all make one common mistake that sabotages their presentations.

In trying to impress their executive leaders, they build too much complexity into their presentation. Instead of getting the support they want, they irritate the very people whose support they need the most.

This blog post shows the power of simplicity at work - a key skill for anyone who wants to get ahead.

Make it easy...

The power of thank you.

How using a simple thank you can have a huge impact.

Colette Symanowitz shows why a simple thank you can make all the difference when dealing with customers, employees and suppliers.

See the many benefits you can get by by taking a few moments to appreciate others.

Read the power of thank you.

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Center of Excellence Discussion Groups

A series of discussion groups for Change Designs members.

The center of excellence network is designed to help Change Designs members to network with one another. This network is only open to Change Designs members. So you know that the people you are sharing with, or learning from, value the same things you do. Practical ideas and tools, and practical experience, and a generosity of spirit in sharing with others what works in the real world.

The idea behind the network is that when you have a difficult situation, challenging goal, problem or question you want to pose to the Change Designs Centre of Excellence, you can post it in the relevant discussion group. Or by contributing to the discussion - you can add the richness of your experience to any topic.

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Workshop design for a small company with growth pains

Ruth Tearle - Monday, August 26, 2013

Q: Workshop design - for a small company that has grown fast Read more

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