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November 2013
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Making connections

On an individual or team level.


The theme of this newsletter is about making connections.

Our first article looks the connection between emotions and actions within an individual. This is a first step towards understanding emotional intelligence.

Then, we are excited to launch our OD interventions library. Here Ruth Tearle shares her treasure chest of OD interventions that she has used successfully around the world. Use these practical activities to connect individuals into teams, and to connect teams to organizational goals.

You can use these interventions with confidence in meetings, workshops and conferences.

We hope that with our new range of practical OD interventions, we will help you to make better connections at work.

The Change Designs team

New articles:


The role of emotion.

The connection between thought, emotion & action. By Ken Ideus.

In the seventh of the authentic leadership series by Ken Ideus, Ken deals with the role of emotion.

In this article, Ken explains the connection between thought and emotions, and how our emotional guidance system then powers our decisions and actions. Use this article to understand what motivates or de-motivates you and your team.

The role of emotion.

New: OD interventions library.


A library of OD interventions.

Connect individuals to teams, & teams to goals.

Whenever you need an OD intervention or activity for a workshop, conference or meeting, visit our library of OD interventions and choose the most appropriate intervention for your specific need.

Each month we will add new activities to the library. We begin this month by featuring 4 team building interventions that will help you to:

  1. Build trust in a team.
  2. Build a team identity.
  3. Create positive energy in a team. Get people to appreciate one another's' contributions.
  4. Change team behaviors.

You can also access the OD interventions library directly using a red menu button called OD interventions on the left hand sidebar on any page of www.changedesigns.net

Browse the OD interventions library.

New OD intervention.

OD intervention


Create a team identity or brand.

Build a team by creating a team identity.

This first activity in the OD interventions library is designed to help you to to bond people into a team, by creating a common identity or brand. This activity is available to everyone. Use this simple activity to build:

  1. Project teams.
  2. New teams formed after an organizational restructure or merger.
  3. Existing teams that need to adopt a new role, focus, strategy or mandate.

Go to OD intervention: Create a team identity or brand.

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OD intervention

OD intervention


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