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March 2015
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How to implement a new strategy.

Overcoming habits and the status quo.


Few organizational strategies get implemented successfully. Deeply ingrained habits combined with a reluctance to change, often ensures that even after a new strategy has been communicated, nothing actually changes. The status quo remains intact.

  1. In our first article, we show what a CEO or leader needs to do, to implement a new strategy successfully.
  2. The second article compares the characteristics of strategic leaders who fail to implement a strategy or project, to those that achieve success.
  3. Often when trying to implement a new strategy, someone often derails the strategy by pointing out potential headwinds. This blog post shows how handle the headwinds and prevent the status quo from ruling your future.

We hope that these practical articles will contribute to the successful implementation of your strategy.

The Change Designs team

Article: How to implement your strategy.


How to implement a new strategy.

A CEOs guide - what to focus on & what to do.

What do you do as a CEO or leadership team, once you have developed a new strategy? How do you implement it successfully? How do you make it come alive? What do you have to do to move your organization from where it is now, to where it will be if you were to have achieved your vision?

Often, a team leaves a strategy workshop excited by the promise of a great new future. Yet when they get back to work, they are disappointed by the fact that nothing changes. It is as though the workshop never happened, the insights they gained had been lost, and the new strategy had never been developed.

This post describes why the status quo remains so powerful after a new strategy has been introduced. It also describes what a leader needs to focus on and do, in order to ensure the new strategy gets implemented.

How to implement a new strategy.

Article: Characteristics of strategic leaders.



Strategic leadership

The art of managing success.

This article compares the characteristics of strategic leaders who fail to implement a strategy or project, to those that achieve success.

It shows the different ways ineffective leaders demonstrate a lack of focus. Like the snakes in a snakes & ladders game, this lack of focus takes the organization backwards.

It then shows how effective leaders provide their teams with 3 elements that help them climb the ladder to success: Focus, discipline and support.

Go to Strategic Leadership.

Blog post: When life gets tough change your focus.



Change your focus

Successful leaders choose the handful of sand they want to focus on.

Teams often are delighted by the strategy they developed at a workshop. Yet once the same strategy has been documented, many people become unsettled. They point out the potential headwinds that may make achieving the strategy difficult. Some people even suggest that even though they did a comprehensive analysis before developing the strategy, it should now be discarded. Before long the strategy gets reviewed so many times, that it loses its power. The status quo wins the battle between moving towards a future success and staying the same.

Obstacles are a natural part of any innovation. And a determination to succeed in the face of obstacles, is a characteristic shared by all successful people.

This inspiring blog post shows how to overcome the tendency we often have to fixate on problems and barriers. And how by changing our focus, we can achieve success at whatever we do.

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