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May 2015
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How to achieve goals

In project teams and in your personal life.




When the weather is good, it is easy to achieve a goal. If the goal and route are clear, and you have the resources and support you need, its plain sailing. All you have to do to achieve your goal is to break your goal into smaller tasks and complete them one at a time.

However life doesn't always provide fair weather. A goal that is easy to achieve in good conditions can become very challenging in inclement weather. It’s no longer plain sailing when you are stuck in the middle of a fog – when your goal and route are clouded, and unexpected obstacles emerge suddenly out of the mist.

This newsletter provides you with tools to help you achieve both project team and personal goals - no matter what weather conditions you face.

  1. Our first blog post describes how paddling in a fog, is often similar to the way many projects are managed in organizations. It describes what can happen when we go out to sea unprepared. It shows the type of preparation we need to do before we start a project.
  2. Many project plans provide the route to be followed in fair weather. But no one tells project teams how to plan for bad weather. Few project teams use their project initiation or preplanning phase to identify the headwinds they may face in their project. Few know they need to develop strategies to identify and overcome challenges before they develop their project plan. Our second article describes a visual map that project teams can use to identify and plan for challenges their project may face
  3. In our personal lives we often have goals we want to achieve. Whether they are personal goals or career goals, they often involve going into unchartered waters. Our third article describes a visual map that you can use to help you to plan your journey towards achieving your goal. Then it helps you to identify the challenges you will need to overcome, and how to get the support you need to achieve your goal.

Whether you are just trying to achieve a personal or project team goal, or build a performance culture in your organization, we hope these articles and visual maps will make it easier for you to achieve success.

The Change Designs team

Blog post: Paddling in the fog - Leading projects.


Paddling in the fog

How to prepare for inclement weather in your projects.

How often do we embark on a new project and go out to sea unprepared for bad weather. How often do projects crash or flounder on the rocks as the team goes off course?

This blog post describes what it is like paddling in a fog, and how adequate preparation can get you safely to your end destination – no matter how bad the weather is.

Paddling in the fog.

Article: How to achieve project team goals.




How to achieve team goals.

A coaching tool to help you map your team project.

Whenever we need to achieve a challenging goal, it involves a journey. With projects, the journey is often into unknown territory. Throughout history, adventurers and explorers have used maps to help them to define, describe and navigate their expeditions.

This article shows you how you can map a project in a visual way. When you start your project, increase your chances of success by doing some pre-planning. Use Ken Ideus's MapAhead - an online coaching tool to help you identify and plan for the challenges your project team is likely to face. Then identify and plan the support you will need to achieve your project goals. Include these strategies as part of your project plan and go into your project well prepared for any weather conditions you may face.

Go to how to achieve project team goals.

Article: How to achieve personal goals.




How to achieve personal goals.

A coaching tool to help you achieve any personal or career goal.

Achieving a personal goal often involves a journey into the unknown. Moving from where we are today, to the type of person we would like to be in the future, or to the goal we want to achieve, is often like the journeys of discovery undertaken by the great explorers of the past. When we hear stories of adventurers like Christopher Columbus or Edmund Hillary, we are not only enthralled by the fact that they achieved their goals, but also how they overcame numerous challenges along the way.

Going into unknown territory is often frightening and confusing. To reduce uncertainty, adventurers used visual maps to help them plot their route and prepare for challenges along the way.

This article shows you how to use MapAhead - an interactive coaching tool by Ken Ideus. MapAhead will help you to describe and visualise your goal, the route you need to follow to achieve your goal, and the challenges and supports you can expect along the way. Use the online coaching and visual map to help you plan your route to success. Whether your are planning your life journey, or to achieve a personal or career goal, this tool will help you get prepared.

Go to how to achieve personal goals.

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