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July 2015
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The key to being seen as performing well is quite simple. When people give you a job to do, they have certain expectations about how you are going to do that job.

  1. If you meet their expectations they are satisfied.
  2. If you exceed their expectations, they are delighted.
  3. But when what you deliver is different to what they expected of you, they are often disappointed or frustrated.

But what happens when employees or leaders no longer know what is expected of them? Role ambiguity often occurs after a change in structure, strategy or systems in an organization. This role confusion causes confusion, stress and poor performance.

This newsletter shows you how to use a cascading role clarification process in an organization, to help everyone to clarify their roles after an organizational change. It also provides a tool for helping individuals who have lost their focus, to determine what is expected of them.

We hope these articles and tools will help you and your organization to achieve a clear focus. One that helps you perform easily, and without stress. One that helps you to delight your customers and important stakeholders by exceeding their expectations.

The Change Designs team

Article: Cascading role clarification.


Cascading role clarification

How to align what people do to a new strategy, structure or organizational change.

Whenever an organization changes its strategy, structure, systems or processes, a problem with alignment occurs.

After a change, employees often try to continue with the status quo, while taking on additional responsibilities in line with the organizational change. This often results in role ambiguity. Employees become confused about what is expected of them. They find they have too many responsibilities. They no longer know what their priorities are. They lose focus. They become stressed They stop performing. The end result is the status quo remains. The benefits the organization was supposed to get from their new strategy, structure or organizational change, never get realized.

This article presents a powerful way to clear up role ambiguity. It shows how you can use a cascading role definition process to provide everyone in the organization with a clear focus. A focus that helps you to achieve your new strategy, structure, process or system.

Role definition for organizations. An organizational alignment tool.

Article: Role definition for individuals.




How to clarify what is expected of you.

How to reduce stress caused by role ambiguity.

Have you lost your focus? Are you unclear about what exactly is expected of you? Are you feeling stressed and confused about your role? Are you overloaded with responsibilties? Do you find it difficult to know what your priorities are? You may be suffering from role ambiguity. Use a role definition exercise to help you to:

  1. Be clear about your role.
  2. Focus your time and energy on what will make you successful.
  3. Avoid the distractions that simply add layers of stress to your job, but don't help you to achieve.
  4. Know exactly what you need to do and what criteria you need to meet, in order to delight your boss, and other important stakeholders.

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Change Designs magazines on Flip board.






Change Designs magazines on Flip board.

An easy way to read, collect and share your favorite articles from Change Designs.

Flipboard is an easy way to collect articles from a number of different sources and present these articles in a colourful magazine format. In this newsletter we launch our new magazine on self development. We launched magazines on organizational development, strategic planning and change management in last month's newsletter.

We hope that our Flipboard magazines and Flipboard button on our website will help you to collect, store, read and share our articles easily

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