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October 2013
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Create the future.

On an individual or organizational level.


The theme of this newsletter is about creating the future. The most important role of any leader. As leaders we often work on two different levels simultaneously. On an individual level, we create our own futures by taking charge of our own lives and careers. On an organizational level, we are responsible for the future of our organization through the way we develop and implement our organizational strategies.

Our first article looks at an important leadership attribute. Authenticity. This is what gets others to trust us to lead them on a journey into the future.

Then, from a personal perspective, we look at how to shape our own lives and craft the future we want.

In our member zone, we are so excited to launch our complete step by step guide on how to develop a powerful organizational vision, or strategic plan. One that will help you as a leader to guide your organization into a successful future.

We hope that we will inspire you to create a wonderful future for yourself and your organization.

The Change Designs team

New articles:


Lead others into the future.

In search of authenticity. By Ken Ideus.

In the sixth of the authentic leadership series by Ken Ideus, Ken deals with the topic of authenticity.

In this genuine article on authenticity, Ken explains what authenticity is, and what it isn't. He covers the role of intuition in finding out what others stand for. Then he deals with the importance of consistency between our internal and external voices - a practical way to become more authentic.

In search of authenticity.

Create your own future.

Becoming successful - one hour at a time.

Create your own future. Stories shape our lives, our beliefs and our actions. But do we really want to build our lives around the elements of a good story?

This blog post shows how many of us believe in the Cinderella story. We wait for someone to help us, discover us, and recognize us. By doing so, we believe that there is a person out there who can instantly solve all our problems. Yet hoping for someone else to change our lives, has the opposite effect. It often creates drama followed by disappointment.

There is a simpler way to create the future you want for yourself. A way that is less glamorous, but more predictable.

Read more: Becoming successful.

New member tools.





Create your organization's future.

The CEO's step-by-step guide to formulating a strategy.

Developing an organizational vision of the future, and leading your team into that future, is a key responsibility of any CEO. Ensuring that this vision will actually help your organization to be successful in a future which may be different from today, is more complex than it sounds. Political agendas, operational thinking and blind-spots often prevent teams from developing a powerful vision that will lead the organization to future success.

We are excited to announce a new tool in our member zone. A step by step guide to organizational strategic planning. It will lead you the CEO or strategist through what it takes to develop a powerful team based vision or strategic plan. One that you can show off with pride to a board of directors, and one you can use to guide your organization to future success.

This step by step guide to team based strategic planning consists of 4 steps: Plan your workshop, prepare for your workshop, run your workshop and what to do after your workshop.

Each step has a number of tasks you need to follow to successfully complete that step. Behind each task is a detailed guide you can follow to complete the task successfully. As you complete each task, you can record your progress by ticking the 'done' button. This interactive tool leads you step by step through the following tasks:

  1. Plan your workshop.
    • Identify strategic issues.
    • Clarify your workshop objectives.
    • Identify what could sabotage your workshop.
    • Plan your workshop content.
    • Plan the group dynamics.
    • Plan your time.
    • Select delegates.

  2. Prepare for your workshop.
    • Collect strategic information.
    • Prepare workshop materials.
    • Organize the logistics.
    • Manage delegate expectations.

  3. Run the strategy workshop.
    • The roles that the CEO and facilitator play to ensure delegates perform at their best.

  4. Actions to take after your strategy workshop.
    •  How to document your strategic plan for your board of directors.
    • Evaluate and fine tune your strategic plan.
    • Develop your first steps to implement your new strategy.

Unlike most training courses and text books on strategic planning, this step by step guide helps you to deal with real life problems that often prevent powerful strategies from being developed. From how to deal with hidden agendas and politics. To how to get a group of people with different agendas to commit to a common vision. Plus how to develop a strategic plan that you can present to a board of directors and use to lead your organization into the future.

The CEO's step by step guide to strategic planning.

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