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Member Update

July 2014
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Member Update

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This newsletter is designed to keep members updated on new items in the member zone. This will include from time to time diagnostic tools, dashboards, 'how to' guides, workshop activities and interventions.

This month we continue with our step-by-step guide on rolling out or cascading new organizational values. In this newsletter we look at:

  1. How to get stakeholder support for rolling out the values by framing the benefits of the values roll-out project in terms of what motivates each stakeholder.
  2. How to identify the success criteria of the values roll-out project. This is an important step in determining the scope of the project.
  3. How to use systems thinking to identify and remove organizational barriers that could prevent people from behaving according to the new values.

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The Change Designs team

Step-by-step values roll-out series.


Step 3. Get stakeholder support

How to communicate with each stakeholder to get the support you need.

In the previous step, you identified the people whose support you will need to roll out your values successfully. Now you need to know how win the support of each stakeholder.

You can't just expect others to give you their unconditional support. Supporting your values process means each stakeholder has to give you their time, their energy, and sometimes their reputation. They are not likely to do this, unless you show them why it is worth their while to help you.

You need to be able to frame what you are doing in the values project, in a way that motivates your stakeholders to want to support you. To do this, you need to know what drives each stakeholder, and how to approach them to get their support.

This member tool shows you how to analyze:

  1. The hot button of each stakeholder of your values roll-out process.
  2. The best way to communicate with each stakeholder to get the response you need.
  3. What you will need to do to get each stakeholder's support.

Go to values roll-out: Get stakeholder support.


Step 4. Identify success factors

Develop a list of success criteria together with your stakeholders.

How do you know when you have completed your values roll-out project? How will you and your stakeholders determine whether or not you have been successful?

    It is important to agree on the key success factors that will be used to measure your project together with your stakeholders, before you develop your plan to roll out the new values. This is because the key success factors you agree on, will affect the scope of your project.

    This member tool provides information on what makes a values roll-out process fail, and what makes it work. It then helps you to develop your own list of success criteria. It shows you how to interview the stakeholders of the values roll out process, to clarify their expectations or success criteria. Then it shows you how to put these all together in a list of success criteria that you can use to determine the scope and guide the planning of your values roll-out project.

    Go to values roll-out: Identify key success factors.


Step 5. Identify what needs to change.

Use systems thinking to identify what needs to change to support the new values.

Simply communicating your new values and telling people to live by them is not going to change the way people behave in your organization.

    There are many reasons why people behave the way they do. You will need to identify what drives your employees' current behaviour and what stops them from behaving in ways that support your new values.

    This member tool describes:

    1. What affects employee behavior in an organization. How organization design drives behavior.
    2. The different organizational elements that need to be aligned to support your values.
    3. How to use systems thinking to identify which organizational barriers may prevent people from behaving according to your values.

    Go to values roll-out: Systems thinking

Next issue:

The next steps in planning to roll out organizational values.

Our next newsletter will cover how to develop a comprehensive strategy for rolling out values in an organization.

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