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October 2016
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Achieving goals

The most powerful tool for success


One of the most important ingredients of success both at work and in life, is the ability to set and achieve goals.

At work, the ability to achieve goals, underpins strategy, leadership, performance management, project management, organizational development and change management.

In our personal lives, the key to all great successes start with goals. In our first blog post, Jerome Davies shows how goals are the stepping stones to fulfilling the dream of a better life.

Then, Ken Ideus provides a visual graphical tool, to help you to plan your journey towards achieving any challenging goal.

Sticking to a plan requires focus and discipline. But when we have too much to do, and too little time, it is easy to lose the focus. Our focus achievement tools will help you to focus your time and energy on what will help you to be successful.

We hope that this newsletter will inspire you to live the life you want, and achieve your dream goals.

The Change Designs team

New blog post: Live the dream.


Motivation - life goals & dreams

The key to living a dream life

"Many people dream of a better life. Then they make excuses for not realizing their dreams."

This is how Jerome Davies begins a blog about how, from a life in the Cape Flats headed towards crime and jail - he began a journey towards his dream life. He describes the journey to his first major goal - that of graduating as a chartered accountant.

In this inspiring blog post, Jerome shares the lessons he learnt about :

  1. Beliefs that open the door to possibility.
  2. The steps to follow to achieve any great goal, dream or purpose.
  3. How to use goals to climb the stairway to living your dream life.

Read his blog post, and be inspired to tackle any goal or dream that calls you, but you are afraid to tackle.

Live your dream life

Plan the journey:


Plan the journey to your goal.

Ken Ideus's MapAhead visual planning tool.

Achieving many challenging goals involves a journey into the unknown. Like any explorer or adventurer we need to create a map for ourselves, to help us negotiate our way and prepare for the challenges we are likely to face on our way to success.

Ken Ideus's MapAhead, is a picture map you can create to help you to visualize a goal you want to achieve, the route you need to follow to achieve your goal, and how to deal with the challenges and support you can expect on the way.

There are many questions you need to answer, before you start any journey. The coaching section within MapAhead helps you to answer questions such as:

  1. Where exactly am I going to? How will I know if I have achieved my goal? What does my end result look like?
  2. What is the best route to take?
  3. What do I need to know or prepare for, before I start my journey?
  4. What challenges am I likely to face along the way?
  5. What or who can I rely on to support me on my journey?
  6. How do I keep on track? What do I do to get back on track if I lose my direction?

Having a picture of your journey, with all its challenges and supports, makes any journey seem clearer and less frightening. Of course, the most important support of all, is being able to use Ken's clear and wise coaching tips contained in MapAhead.

MapAhead. Plan the journey.

Keep the focus.



Focus - the key to achievement.

How to stick to your plans.

Often the best goals and plans get neglected, as we come face to face with life. It is very hard to keep the focus - when other people distract us with their own needs and expectations. This focus achievement tool helps you to answer these questions for yourself.

  1. How do I find the time to work on my goals when I am already stressed by having too much to do?
  2. How do I handle other people who have expectations of me that will prevent me from achieving my goals?
  3. How do I work out what are the right goals for me?
  4. How do I identify my focus areas - so I can both achieve my goals and meet others expectations of me?
  5. How do I budget and manage my time?

Go to Focus - the key to all achievement.

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