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July 2017
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Strategic planning

Tools for formulating a quality organizational strategy


This is the time of the year when many organizations focus on strategy.

In this newsletter, we have a number of exciting tools to help you with your strategic planning process.

We are very excited about this year's updated strategic trend research. So much has changed in the space of a year since we last updated our trend research. In the first article we present our strategic trend cards for 2017. These attractive on-line cards will help you keep track of the latest trends, as well as providing you with an exciting activity that is the highlight of any strategy or innovation conference.

If you have ever sat bored in a strategy retreat listening to people sprouting meaningless jargon, then have some fun with our strategy jargon generator in the second section of this newsletter. You too can produce your own meaningless jargon that will astound anyone sitting in a 'waste-of-time' strategy workshop.

But, if you are serious about strategy, and want to formulate a powerful and useful strategic plan for your organization, then look at our step-by-step guide to strategic planning in our third section.

How you open a strategy workshop, will impact on how the group behaves during the workshop. So in our fourth section, we provide a guide on how to use your opening address to set the scene for a successful strategy workshop.

In our fifth article, we provide strategic planning facilitators with some powerful, practical activities to use in a strategy workshop or conference.

We hope that by using these powerful trend research cards, tools and activities, your team will develop powerful strategies that will enable your organization to be successful in the future.

The Change Designs team

Strategic Trend Research


Strategic Trends Cards 2017

Updated trends (PEST) research cards.

We have just finished 6 months of research to update our on-line strategic trends cards. These attractive trend (PEST) cards contain the latest research on political, economic, social, technological and business trends for 2017.

Use these cards to:

  1. Do a PEST or PESTLE analysis, or identify trends that could impact on your organization in the future.
  2. Identify new markets, new products or new business opportunities for your organization.
  3. Develop scenarios of the future environment within which your organization is likely to operate.
  4. Identify new key success factors for your future industry.
  5. Identify future competitors.
  6. Identify opportunities and threats as part of any SWOT analysis.
Strategic Trends 2017

Strategy jargon generator


Have some fun with strategy.

Create your own jargon with our strategy jargon generator.

Have you ever sat in a strategy meeting wondering how some people are able to come up with an endless supply of mindless strategy jargon - and still sound important?

Now you can do it too. With our strategy jargon generator. If your meetings are nothing more than a game where what people say is more important than what they do or achieve, then use our strategy jargon generator to play this game yourself. Watch how randomly generated jargon can sound surprisingly erudite to the uninformed.

Strategy jargon generator

Step-by-step strategic planning.



A step-by-step guide to strategy.

How to develop a powerful strategic plan, strategy or vision for an organization.

The CEO's step-by-step guide to strategic planning helps you to develop a strategic plan that you can present with confidence to your board of directors or important organizational stakeholders. This tool will lead you step by step through all the tasks you need to do, in order to develop a powerful strategic plan or common vision for your organization.  A plan that will:

  1. Provide clear direction to the organization.
  2. Help your leadership team to focus and prioritize.
  3. Provide a framework your leadership team can use to make better decisions.
  4. Guide your budgeting, goal setting and performance management processes.
  5. Help your leadership team to make tough strategic decisions on issues they have been grappling with.
  6. Help every employee to see how they work they do contributes to the future of the organization.

Go to the CEO's step-by-step guide to strategy.

CEO speech to open a strategy workshop.

OD intervention



How to open a strategy workshop.

How to prepare a speech to open a strategy workshop.

As a CEO, you are expected to deliver the opening address at your organization's strategic planning conference or retreat. The speech, which sets the scene for the strategy workshop, usually lasts between 15 and 30 minutes. What you choose to focus on in your speech, will affect what your team focuses on, and how they behave, during the conference.

This guide shows you how to prepare a quality speech to open a strategy workshop.

How to prepare a speech to open a strategy conference.

Strategy workshop activities.


Strategy formulation activities

Creative group activities to use in strategic planning conferences.

When groups participate in practical activities during a strategy conference, they are more excited about the outcome of the strategy conference.

In our OD interventions library, we have a number of practical activities that build strategic thinking and help groups participate creatively in developing an prganizational strategy. These activities, together with the strategic trend research are often the highlight of strategy conferences. In this newsletter, we present two of our most popular strategy workshop activities.

1. Get a group to develop exciting new opportunities for your organization.

2. Get a group to develop a scenario of the future environment.

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