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February 2015
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Strategic knowledge vs ignorance.

What no one ever tells you.


As leaders move from an operational to a strategic role, they need to know more about what is happening outside of their organizations.

  1. In our first blog post, we point out the danger of not knowing. How ignorance of new trends often means we base our strategic decisions on incorrect and outdated thinking - with disastrous consequences.
  2. The second article describes the knowledge strategic leaders need in order to plan for the future.

We hope that these practical thoughts and tools will contribute to your success as a leader.

The Change Designs team

Blog post: The danger of reinforced ignorance.


Reinforced ignorance.

The danger of not knowing about new trends.

How often have you heard people talking about issues like the economy, energy, water, health care, infrastructure, electricity and unemployment, repeating outdated opinions they have heard from someone else?

While grumbling about government and societal problems may alleviate boredom of dinner parties, it becomes dangerous when leaders base their strategic decisions on outdated opinions rather than on up- to-date strategic research.

This post describes how a lack of reading, research and thinking means we spread around our ignorance, reinforcing it over and over again, until like a myth, it becomes an undeniable truth. Then when we base our plans for the future on myths, our organization's suffer.

Reinforced ignorance.

Article: The power of strategic knowledge.



Strategic trends

Knowledge to use to improve the quality of strategic decisions.

This article describe why trends are important to strategic leaders, and how trends are used in strategic planning, scenario development, innovation, marketing and business development.

It then provides 7 steps to identifying a set of strategic trends you can use to help your team to prepare for the future.

It also provides information about our gold membership tool: 2015 strategic trends research. An easy way to keep up to date with trends that could impact on the future of your organization.

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