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April 2015
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Organizational politics.

Understanding the games people play.



Imagine what your organization could achieve if everyone simply focused on achieving the organization's goals and strategies, and living by their values. It sounds so easy. And yet nothing could be more difficult. This is because while some people try to help the organization achieve, others are lighting fires or creating crises in order to distract their colleagues from focusing on what is important to the organization.

  1. In our first article,we show 8 ways people light fires in order to protect the status quo and prevent new strategies or values from ever being implemented.
  2. Sometimes good people come last. Politicians can easily destroy the credibility of high achievers. They use words designed to belittle those who could be a threat to them. Use our business politics dictionary to see what politicians say and what they really mean.
  3. If you are the victim of organizational politics, you need to develop political intelligence. This means understanding the games that organizational politicians play to get and keep power. Then learn how to defuse their power by recognizing their game, and choose to play your own game.

If your success is being blocked by political players, use these practical articles to gain political intelligence and remove political barriers to your success.

The Change Designs team

Article: 8 ways people protect the status quo.


Protecting the status quo

8 ways people prevent a new strategy from being implemented.

When I first stated facilitating strategy workshops I was amazed at how a group of 30 people would participate in developing their own strategic plan and then negate it immediately afterwards. I couldn't understand this dynamic. How could they not agree with a high quality strategy that they had developed themselves?

What I didn’t realize then, was that I had had come face to face with the protectors of the status quo. I then began to notice that the better the quality of the strategy, the bigger and more vicious the resistance would be from the protectors of the status quo.

This article shares the top 8 games that are most commonly used by the protectors of the status quo to prevent a new strategy from ever being implemented.

Protecting the status quo.

A dictionary of business politics



Business politics dictionary

What they say and what they really mean.

Are you the victim of a political game? Do you have someone at work that makes you feel bad about yourself? Are you losing confidence in your ability? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, you are experiencing workplace politics.

Instead of trying to prove yourself to them, use this glossary to understand the intention of the person who is criticizing or demeaning you.

This dictionary shows what political players inside an organization tend to say. Then looking behind their masks, what they really mean.

Go to the Business Politics Dictionary.

Article: How to deal with organizational politics.



Political games. Play it your way.

How to deal with office politics.

Are you the victim of office politics? Do you feel that someone is setting you up to fail? You can’t prove anything, but whenever this person gets involved, things go wrong for you. The person concerned may be charming to your face, but you know that behind your back, this person is sabotaging you. Others are losing respect for you, as the game player spreads innuendos about your ability.

Don't allow workplace politics to go on too long. If you continue playing this game, before long you will have lost your confidence, your chances of career advancement, and your reputation. It is time to stop the game before you destroy your career, your health, and your relationships people who are important to you - your family and your real friends.

This article shows you how to get your power back. Stop playing their game, and learn to play your own game - based on your strengths

Go to Political games. Play it your way.

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