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December 2011
Practical expertise @ work.
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Two gifts of inspiration

to end the year on a positive note


Each year, the Change Designs end of year newsletter is designed around an inspirational gift. This is our way of saying thank you to our many clients and subscribers who support us in so many ways.

This year we have 2 gifts for you.

As you wind down for the festive season, we wish you a carefree holiday season and a wonderful new year.

The Change Designs team


The first gift is a gift of energy and possibility

Lost your sparkle?

As the year ends, many of us feel depleted. Sinking under a torrent of responsibility and expectations, we easily lose the energy and hope we had when we were young and carefree. As adults we have forgotten the power of imagination. Click here to read our article on The Art of Imagination: How to restore your energy and bring back the magic you're your life. Also discover 10 practical things you can do, to get back your enthusiasm for life.

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motivational posters

The second gift is a set of 4 beautiful motivational posters

Something to change your view.

Download the posters free from our website and print them out for yourself or for your teams. Use them to inspire and motivate your team, and bring some beauty into your office or meeting room.

We hope you enjoy your gift, and use it to motivate yourself and your team not only during this festive season, but throughout 2012.

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Our new web portal

new portal new portal

Launching www.changedesigns.net

New easy to use resource

After a few years of hard work, we are excited and proud to launch www.changedesigns.net

In addition to everything you have come to expect to from our old website: - Practical articles, inspirational newsletters, customized consulting, our change master training courses and our unique range of attractively packaged products and tools… we have now created a whole new easy to use resource for anyone at work. Visit www.changedesigns.net for:

  • Articles, tools and templates: We have grouped our practical and inspirational articles into 3 sections based on the level you are working at: ME, MY TEAM, or MY ORGANIZATION. When you want to solve personal problems or inspire yourself, go to the ME section. When you are coaching a small team, use the MY TEAM section. When you are leading at a divisional or organizational wide level, find relevant tools and articles in the MY ORGANIZATION tab. You can easily navigate through each of these sections to find the article, tool, or template that you need.
  • The Change Designs member zone. Here you can:
    • Get a range of useful consulting tools, 'how to' documents, concept documents, leader guides, advice, free gifts and special offers.
    • Ask the guru for advice. If you need expert advice from Ruth Tearle, and you don't have the time or money to  pay normal coaching or mentoring fees, simply "Ask the Guru." Post your question and have it answered personally by Ruth Tearle- as part of your membership package.
    •  Join The Magical Moments community blog where you can share success stories and tips for doing strategy, change, coaching, innovation, leadership or facilitation with other motivated members.
  • The Change Designs shop. Get inspired. Give yourself and your team attractive tools and gifts that have been designed to help you to achieve success more easily. All this, whilst inspiring and motivating you and your team.
  • Subscribe to our free newsletters and choose the type of information you want to receive from us. Whether it is our high quality newsletters with practical tools and applied knowledge around a particular theme, or you just want to keep up to date when new articles or products are published, or you want to be notified about public training courses or events. Choose the newsletter you want to receive.

Inspiration. Whether you are a CEO, a leader, a coach, a strategist, a consultant, a manager, a change agent, a facilitator or an educationalist, or someone who just needs to get their mojo back, use our site to find new ways to inspire yourself and your team.

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