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January 2012
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How to start the year on a positive note


Each year, the first Change Designs newsletter is designed around providing inspiration and tools to help you start the year on a positive note.

In this newletter, read the article "New Horizons" on how to make 2012 meaninful and exciting, and how to keep yourself inspired throughout the year.

Upgrade your skills and get inspired on a Change Master training course.

We at Change Designs wish you a wonderful 2012.

The Change Designs team


Not excited about being back at work?

How to inspire yourself throughout the year

The start of a new year is supposed to make us feel motivated. Instead for many of us, getting back from a carefree holiday to a year filled with expectations, duties and responsibilities, makes us feel claustrophobic. We know we will be confronted by the same expectations, demands, issues and challenges of the previous year. We wonder how and if we will ever get our mojo back.

This article shows you how to stay inspired throughout the working year.


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2012 Training Calendar

Get inspired.

Upgrade your skills and get inspired on a Change Master training course. View our 2012 training calendar online and use our online booking system to reserve your place.

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