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April 2012
Practical expertise @ work.
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Inspiration at work

5 ways to inspire yourself and those around you.


Whether its Europe or the USA, Asia or Africa or South America, the global economy is taking its toll on people.

In a highly competitive environment, in which customers are spending less, and companies are finding it harder to make profits, the motivation of people at work has suffered. Retrenchments are happening more frequently. Unemployment rates are soaring. Jobs are now in short supply. Talented people have less career choices than before. Those who do have jobs find that their organizations are focusing less on people and more on survival and profits. With customers spending less, and costs rising, many managers are feeling the stress of achieving targets. Their stress is transferred to their people. It is small wonder then that many people are finding it hard to stay motivated at work. And why many managers find it difficult to motivate their staff.

And yet, it is not that difficult motivate yourself and others - even in a high stress environment.. All it requires is for someone to rekindle the flame. This newsletter shows you how to inspire yourself, and how to inspire others - both at work, and through your social networks..

We wish you lots of inspiration at work.

The Change Designs team


Inspiration at work

5 ways to inspire yourself.

How do you inspire yourself at work when you are feeling bored, demotivated, irritated or just weary? How can you motivate yourself when your work life is a series of boring meetings and mind numbing tasks? What do you do, if your boss has a habit of finding fault with whatever you do and the people you are working with are negative, cynical or obstructive? How do you survive in an energy depleting culture filled with blaming, excuses and constant frustrations?

Being a working person, trapped in an office environment, means you can't just travel to some exotic location to find inspiration. And maybe the often quoted techniques of meditation and positive affirmations don't appeal to your pragmatic nature. If this is the case here are five practical ways you can motivate yourself at work.


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How to motivate and inspire others

Emotional and spiritual intelligence made easy

Many articles and courses are held on emotional intelligence (EQ) and motivation. Lately we are also seeing courses on spiritual intelligence (SQ). But for many managers and team leaders, EQ and SQ are theoretical concepts that doesn't seem to apply to the daily challenges of their jobs. Many managers ask - how do we motivate our people? How do we get them excited about working for us? This article shows how as a manager or team leader, you can use some basic principles of EQ and SQ in a practical way. It shows 5 things you can do to not only motivate people, but to go a step further and inspire others at work.

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Use social networking to share the flame.

How www.changedesigns.net helps you to share easily.

The more we share, the more powerful we become. This is the essence of networking. By sharing the flame, you inspire others, who then inspire and help you in turn.

We have worked hard to make it easy for you to share our articles, blogs, newsletters and ideas with your networks. At the top and bottom of every article and blog, you will find Linkedin share, g+1, twitter and facebook buttons. Just click on the social network you use the most and share.

Want to share your own ideas with the world? Simply use the comment form at the bottom of every article and blog post. You can also reply to other people's comments or start an online discussion around the theme of the article or blog post.

Have you used any of our products or tools? Perhaps you have read our books or used our motivational cards. You can now write a review and share your experiences of how you used our products, and how they worked for you.

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