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May 2012
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Dawn of the Digital Age

Change Designs introduces digital products for laptops, eReaders, iPads, iPhones, etc..

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Always on the move? Can't carry tons of books, files or tools with you? Now you can have the information and inspiration you need wherever you are working - be it in the office, at an airport, a coffee shop or at a client in Africa or anywhere else in the world. All you need is your trusty laptop, iPad, Kindle or iPhone.

In addition to our increasingly popular website which scales to fit whatever device you are using, we now offer digital downloadable products to support today's eReaders, tablets, smartphones and laptop computers.

We are very excited to announce our new e-Pub and Kindle versions of our two most popular books: "Ride the Wild Tiger" and "Blackboards, Bubbles and Cappuccinos."

Want to give a gift of knowledge and inspiration to your friends or colleagues. Buy our attractive gift vouchers and send them a customised message and  allow them to choose the gift they want from our store.

Read more to find out how we support go getters on the move.

The Change Designs team


Blackboards Bubbles & Cappucinos

A digital eBook ...Special introductory price of R69.

An inspiring novel with a warning: Contains wisdom that could change your life."

How can you live a life of meaning when you have to earn a living and live in a busy city? If you feel you need a 'pick me up' then, Blackboard, Bubbles & Cappuccinos is for you. It is an inspirational story that will encourage you to find and live your true purpose.The warning on the cover is no empty promise. Many people read the book over and over again, finding new nuggets of wisdom each time they open the book.

If you are a coach who wants to support a client in finding his/her purpose, or you are a facilitator on a leadership programme explaining 'emotional and spiritual intelligence', or someone who just wants a motivational 'pick me up' then....


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Ride the Wild Tiger

A digital eBook ...Special introductory price of R69.

A brilliant novel about managing personal and organizational change.

"I gave this book to some friends to read. They were shaking while they were reading from the energy they were getting from the book" Andrew Bramley.

Ride the Wild tiger is a novel about managing change. While its main themes are personal and organizational change, the book is written as a story that will inspire you. For those who like to use story telling at work, this is an ideal book to use for change management, strategic planning, and leadership. For those who want to master change in their personal lives, use this book to help you rediscover your courage and energy.

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Give your friends a gift they will cherish. A gift voucher from the Change Designs store allows them to choose the gift they want - whether it is a motivational book, or a set of cards to inspire them and their teams. Our attractive gift vouchers with a personalised message from you, means it is now so easy for you to give a gift to your friends, your clients or your team. A gift that shows you care.

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