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June 2012
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Strategic Planning

When it's the right thing to do - for your company & you.



Many organizations are doing strategic planning right now. Some are doing strategy because it is that time of the year. Others want to have a strategy workshop because they have a complex problem that they need to resolve.

Strategic planning can be one of the most powerful organizational development interventions - when it is designed to help leaders to solve a real problem, or achieve a complex goal. So when is strategic planning right for your organization or team? Our first article shows our experience of the top ten reasons for doing strategic planning.

Strategy works on a personal level too. If you are feeling that life is difficult, and nothing seems to be working for you any more, read our blog on how to think like a strategist, and create a new direction for yourself.

Want to have access to a mentor wherever you are. www.changedesigns.net has been optimized to work on mobile devices. You can now access our cloud tools, articles and digital books from wherever you are. Use your iPhone, iPad or lap top computer and stay connected to our expertise, practical tools and advice.

Read more to get new direction in your organization, your team or in your personal life.

The Change Designs team


The top ten reasons for doing strategic planning.

At an organizational or team level.

How do you know if your organization or team needs to do strategic planning?

This article shows the top ten symptoms that occur in organizations or teams, that point to a need for strategic planning.

If you as a leader, your organization, or your team displays one or more of these symptoms, it is time to consider doing strategic planning.

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When nothing works for you anymore...

Think like a strategist!

What do you do when you are no longer getting the support you need to be successful? You are working harder than ever before, but you are no longer getting the results you used to get. Career opportunities are drying up. Your customers are not spending what they used to spend. Your sales are down. You are not earning what you used to be earning...

When things no longer work for you, it is time to rework your personal strategy. This blog shows you how.

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..... Carry our expertise with you.

www.changedesigns.net is now in the cloud. With our cloud tools, all you need is a device that connects to the internet - a smart phone, a tablet or a computer. Use our member cloud tools to analyze and plan your work. Access your data from our secure server any time you want. Get advice via our online guru from wherever you are. Use our practical tools or access hundreds of how to articles as you need them. You can do all of this from one device - your iPhone, iPad or laptop computer - wherever you are.

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