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August 2012
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Staying Focused

Can't see the forest for the trees?


Many of us were taught from early on that 'Success lies in the details.' And yet, too much focus on the details often results in us 'not seeing the forest for the trees.' Throw in a world in which we are all connected to the giant brain of the internet plus the world of social networking, and sifting through the details to find the forest, becomes an almost impossible task. Today, as leaders we need to be able to combine both big picture and detailed thinking. We need to find easy ways to see both the forest and the trees.

Our first article on doing strategy at a divisional level shows you how to combine both strategic big picture thinking and detailed operational thinking to help a group see both the forest and the trees.

Our guest blogger Susan Kziezopolksi shows the courage it takes to move from one forest to another in her blog 'The beginning of transformation.'

We've created a set of pinboards that provide you with a practical tool to help you to see the big picture of all your favourite Change Designs articles and blog posts. The pinboard then allows you to quickly drill down to the detailed 'how to' articles that will help you with any challenges you may be facing.

Read more to master both big picture and detailed thinking - a requirement for leadership success in this new world of work.

The Change Designs team

fun at work

Strategic planning

Develop a common focus for your division.

Do you need to develop a clear direction for your division? Has your company developed a new strategy that will place new demands on your division? Do your individual departments operate in silos? Is your team bogged down with too much work? Have they stopped focusing on what really matters? Are they missing the forest for the trees?

If the answer to any of these questions is 'Yes', you need to get the focus back. A lack of focus causes stress as people work harder and harder on what doesn't matter, while they get criticized for not doing what is strategically important to your organization.

Read our practical article on what a team focus or common direction looks like, the five habits that prevent a team achieving a common focus, and five habits that will help your division to develop a clear direction.

Read further...

The beginning of transformation.

New blog post. By Susan Ksiezopolski

What happens when you leave the forest that has been your home throughout your career?

In this inspirational blog post on personal transformation, Susan describes how as a seasoned project manager experienced in organizational change, what it is like to become a change agent in her personal life as she takes a sabbatical.

Read more about her journey ...

Community Pinboard

A collection of favourite articles and blog posts

Our community pinboard makes it easy for you to see both the forest and the trees. Collect your favourite articles and blogs and pin them to the community pinboard. Click on the image in each pinboard item and drill down to the detailed 'how to' article or blog post.

It is so easy to pin your favourite articles and blogs. Simply click the pin this button at the end of any article or blog post.. Visit the community article pinboard to see a collection of your favourite articles as well as what other members of the Change Designs community have pinned..

Check out the community pinboard...

Member Pinboard

Your own private pinboard

A common problem we all have is being swamped with too much information. We try to save all our favourite articles and tools on our computers. Yet when we need to find something fast, it becomes a tedious, frustrating exercise.

Change Designs members now have their own personal pinboard. Here you can pin and view your favourite Change Designs articles and blog posts. Which makes it so easy to find the article you want, when you want it. And you can access your personal pinboard from any of your devices - your work computer, your phone, your iPad or home computer. All you have to do is log in before pinning.

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