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October 2012
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The best of both worlds:

The physical and digital worlds of work.


We are living in two different worlds: A physical and a digital world. Each world provides us with a different way to connect with others. With all the different media available to us, how do we choose the best way to communicate or collaborate?

In the blog on The best of both worlds, we look at the benefits of being both a consumer and a business in a digital world. We also look at how delighted people are when we take the time to provide a 'personal touch.'

Our new organizational development case studies on how to solve an employee morale problem, and how to implement a company strategy, show work that needs to take place in the physical world.

We feature two new cloud based tools. For our members, the ability to easily store their own documents in the cloud. And for anyone who like to read books, we now offer an easy way to read sample chapters of our books on our site.

Read more to get the best of both the physical and digital world of work.

The Change Designs team

digital world

The best of both worlds

Moving from the physical to the digital world.

About 2 years ago, my business partner bluntly told me that it was time I changed my paradigm. I had to understand that people are mobile. They want to be able to get things when they want, where they want, on whatever device they are using, and at a very cheap price. So, as a business, we had to start creating products and services for this new mobile world. For someone who was successful in a physical world, I didn't like this new world. For me it seemed like I would have to work harder to earn less. This didn't make business sense.

Then I bought an iPhone and quickly became a convert.

Read why. Then comment on our blog - on when it is best to work in the physical world and when to work in a digital world..

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OD case study: Improving morale.

A physical world intervention.

How do you solve a morale problem? One that requires rebuilding trust, a change of paradigm, and a cultural change.

In this practical organizational development case study, we describe a real life OD intervention. The problem, the symptoms, the design of a workshop, the tools we used, how it was facilitated and how the group responded.

Read the case study ...
strategy implementation

Strategy implementation case study:

A physical world intervention.

The CEO was disappointed. He'd spent months with his executive team developing a new organizational strategy. He'd then spent weeks flying around the country on a road show to communicate the new strategy. He'd set up a number of projects to implement the strategy. Strategic objectives were part of each of his executives KPAs.

But his people still complained they had no direction. Employees were confused by the many projects that were being implemented. The CEO felt frustrated and alone. What more could he possibly do?

Read the case study...

share docs

my documents

Share your documents easily

A new productivity tool for our members.

You can now save documents you may want to share while away from your computer, in the cloud on the Change Designs server. You can access your documents anytime, from any of your devices (laptop, computer, tablet or smart phone.)

We have made it easy for anyone to use. There is no set up required. No fiddling with downloading apps onto all your devices. No complex learning. All you need to do is log into your member account. Then click 'upload document' and choose the file you want to upload.

When you want to find your document on your phone or tablet, you can easily search for it via a keyword or project. Should you want to email others a link to your document, you can do that easily via your cell phone, iPad or computer.

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book preview

Read samples of our books

No more downloading. Preview our books easily.

After feedback from our customers, who didn't like downloading sample chapters in order to preview our books, we now have an easy way for you to read samples of our books.

In the Change Designs bookstore, select a book, and click on "Click to preview". A book reader will appear in a new window where you can read sample chapters. You don't have to download anything. Simply click preview and read. There are buttons to go to the next page or chapter. The reader is also resizeable.

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