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November 2012
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End the year on a positive note!

Re-motivate your team and yourself.


As the sun sets on 2012, both leaders and employees are feeling weary. During the year, there have been many changes and challenges to cope with. And now, as the end of the year approaches, you may notice that your team has lost motivation. You may have lost your sparkle too.

Our first article on effective leadership provides you with a practical way to work with your team, so you can end the year on a positive note.

What if you are one of those people who has lost your sense of meaning - or never found it in the first place? In this wonderful blog post, Shui-lyn White shows you a different way to experience the wonder of life.

Use our tools, books, cards and memberships to inspire yourself and your team. Take advantage of discounts ranging from 33% to 80% on the 23rd November only - on our Black Friday sale. Get your discount coupon below.

Whatever route you take, end 2012 on a positive note!

The Change Designs team


Effective leadership.

End the year on a positive note.

It doesn’t matter what level you are working at – whether you are a CEO, a general manager or a team leader. The end of the year is a time to demonstrate symbolic leadership. Your task as a leader is to end the year on a positive note and ensure your team is excited about coming back to work in the new year. This article shows you how.

Use this article to plan an end of the year meeting or workshop.

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If your life has no meaning...

Go east.

In this inspiring blog post, Shui-lyn White shows how "Meaning is a very Western preoccupation. In Eastern thought, there is only being."

If you are one of those people who have never been able to find your purpose, live a life of destiny, or create meaning in your life - then forget about trying to find meaning. Relax and follow the eastern way. Read this inspiring blog post.

Forget about the need for meaning...

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Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving Day in the USA. It is the busiest shopping day. Many US companies offer super deals to customers on Black Friday. In that spirit, we at Change Designs are offering a number of incredible deals to our customers. These deals are only valid on Friday 23rd and Saturday 24th November 2012.

Take advantage of our special deals on products, tools, books and coaching, or extend your membership. Please note, that only 12 leadership tools are available at the 50% discount rate. So take note of the date! And get the products you've always wanted at a bargain price.

The discount coupons can only be used on the 23rd and 24th November 2012.

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