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  • Blackboard Wisdom Cards
    Blackboard Wisdom CardsBlackboard Wisdom CardsBlackboard Wisdom CardsBlackboard Wisdom Cards

    Blackboard Wisdom Cards

    Daily motivational cards to inspire you to be all you can be.

    Retail : ..... You save : R-379.00 !

    Price: R379.00

    Volume Prices:
    1-24 R379.00
    25-99 R310.00
    100+ R260.00

    Who uses these motivational cards around personal development?

    Blackboard Wisdom cards are ideal as a gift for

    • Anyone wanting more out of life. 
    • Delegates on personal mastery, life coaching, emotional intelligence, spiritual intelligence and leadership courses. 
    • Leaders and life coaches: to empower individuals and teams. 
    • Facilitators : to build teams, create trust or energise groups. 
    • Public speakers: put a card on each person’s seat to inspire the audience.

    What these motivational cards do.

    Based on the inspirational quotations from the best selling “Blackboards, Bubbles & Cappuccinos”, these motivational cards will help inspire and uplift anyone who has lost their confidence and is looking for more in their lives.

    How the cards work

    • Pick a card as a thought for the day. Build your confidence. Feel more positive about the day ahead.
    • As a leader or coach, get each member of your team to pick a card for the day and watch each person becomes more confident, motivated and courageous. 
    • As a facilitator, give each small group a pack of cards. Ask each individual member to find a card that ‘has his or her name on it.’ This card represents either a value or something they feel they need to work on. Get each team member to share their card with the group, and explain why they chose it. This becomes a simple way to share values, build a team spirit, and encourage people to share something deep in an easy and safe way. Then go a step further and encourage each member of the team to relate the message in the card they chose, to the topic you are working with. Watch how this changes the energy of the team.
    • At the end of the workshop give a gift of the cards to each team member to reinforce the messages of your workshop.

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    Inspiration Bubbles Cards

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    Blackboards Bubbles and Cappuccinos. (print version)

    Blackboards Bubbles and Cappuccinos. (print version)

    Blackboards Bubbles & Cappucinos. A book on how to find your purpose in life. Contains wisdom that could change your life.

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    Reviews of this product:

    Monique Vosloo commented. 5 out of 5 stars
    I just wanted to thank you again for the wonderful Blackboard Wisdom Cards, I used them for a check-in exercise. It immediately created energy and comfort in the group. Thanks for a great and uplifting tool!

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