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  • Change Agent Booklet
    Change Agent BookletChange Agent Booklet

    Change Agent Booklet

    The role of a change agent. A guide for new change agents to get them excited about their new role as a change agent or change champion.

    Retail : ..... You save : R-279.00 !

    Price: R279.00

    Volume Prices:
    1-11 R279.00
    12-29 R139.00
    30+ R99.00

    Who uses this concise book for change agents

    Give this booklet to new change agents. Shape their expectations about the role they are going to play before they go on training. Get them to feel excited and proud about being chosen as a change agent.


    • Being a change agent: A time of magic.
    • What is a change agent?
    • What is magic in an organisational context?
    • What does a change agent do?
    • The change agent as magician - spreading positive energy, enthusiasm, creativity and focused action throughout his/ her department or branch.
    • Why change is a time of magic.
    • Who gets chosen to be a change agent?
    • The change journey. What you can expect in terms of training, toolkits, and a chance to practice. What you will do back in your branch or department after your training. What support you will get.
    • How to make the most out of your change agent experience.

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    Magic Change Toolkit

    Magic Change Toolkit

    A change management tool kit -activity recipe cards for change agents and change champions

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    The Change Cycle Cards

    The Change Cycle Cards

    Change management cycle cards. Manage resistance to change. Used by managers, project managers and change agents.

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    Unleash The Magic Within You cards

    Unleash The Magic Within You cards

    Motivational cards to use every day to inspire yourself and your team.

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    Powerful Facilitation Cards

    Powerful Facilitation Cards

    A facilitation tool kit filled with left and right brained activities for facilitators, OD consultants, team leaders, change agents and coaches.

    Retail : ..... You save : R-2,430.00 !

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    Ride the Wild Tiger Cards

    Ride the Wild Tiger Cards

    Motivational change management cards to help you and your team to discover the magic in change.

    Retail : ..... You save : R-349.00 !

    Price: R349.00 


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