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  • The Change Cycle Cards

    The Change Cycle Cards

    Change management cycle cards. Manage resistance to change. Used by managers, project managers and change agents.

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    What are Change Cycle cards

    The Change Cycle cards are used to manage resistance to change. They are also used to manage employees' different emotions from the time they hear about a new change, to the time they master what they need to do, to make the change work.

    Who uses Change Cycle cards.

    Change agents, middle managers, leaders, change consultants, team leaders and supervisors who need to get a people to accept a new change.  A number of business schools and training houses give the Change Cycle cards as a gift to every delegate on their change management modules. Many consultancies give the Change Cycle cards as a gift to new change agents, when training them on how to deal with resistance to change.

    How the change cycle cards work.

    When introducing a change, people react in different ways. Some are unaware that the change applies to them. Some are angry or resistant. Some fear change. Others are excited. With the change cycle cards it doesn't matter how people react. All you have to do is listen to what people are saying to determine which stage of the change cycle they are in. Then match what they are saying to the relevant card in this pack. Read the back of the change cycle card to find out what action you need to take as a leader, to move them to the next stage of the change cycle.

    With these cards, you never have to fear resistance again. Include the change cycle cards on every management or leadership training course. Give them to every manager, project manager, change consultant, change agent or leader. Use them every time you communicate a new change to anyone.

    How to use the change cycle cards in workshops.

    Use the Change Cycle Cards to train team leaders, project teams, change agents or internal consultants in how to manage people's emotions through the different stages of a change. From being in control, resisting change, feeling confused until they have mastered the change.

    During the workshop, get them to choose a particular change they are trying to implement. Then get them to identify who they think will resist their change the most. Using the change cycle cards, they can act out the change they are implementing, how people will behave during each phase, and what they as leaders will do to move their difficult people through each emotional stage of the change. (Use the OD intervention "Lead change in teams" to help you facilitate this high energy right brain activity.)

    Once they have used the Change Cycle cards in a practical case study, they will feel confident about managing any resistance to change back at work - as long as they have their change cycle cards to guide them.

    Give your leaders, team leaders and change agent a gift for life.

    Give your leaders, team leaders and change agents a gift that will help them lead others through change throughout their careers. The change cycle cards can be kept in their pockets and used over and over again.

    Remember you do get discounts when buying more than 11 cards. 

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    Anonymous commented. 5 out of 5 stars
    In addition to the solutions which complement the ADKAR methodology, the Change Designs ‘Change Cycle’ enhances the ADKAR model and fills a ‘gap’ in terms of how to manage the emotional side of change and facilitate the management of resistance hands-on.By Lara Revelant. Change Manager at FNB Branch Information Services

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