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  • Ride the Wild Tiger. (print version)

    Ride the Wild Tiger. (print version)

    Ride the Wild Tiger. A change management book on managing personal and organisational change. By Ruth Tearle

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    Price: R379.00

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    A story about managing organisational and personal change.

    If you are looking for a change management book that describes how change management works in the real world, you will enjoy Ride the Wild Tiger. Written as a story, it is about managing both organisational and personal change. For leaders in organizations, this book covers themes ranging from leadership, strategic planning, strategy implementation, visions, change management and transformation. For those who want to master change in their personal lives, use this book to help you rediscover your courage and energy.

    Who uses this book

    Ride the Wild Tiger is a powerful book for anyone involved in change management, transformation or leadership. It is popular amongst:
    • New CEOs who need to transform their organizations
    • Educationalists who need a case study to discuss all the themes involved in organisational change management, implementing strategies or leadership.
    • Individuals experiencing a difficult change in their lives and looking for something to guide them.
    • Business schools or leadership training organizations who want a practical book that teaches real life lessons in organisational change management, strategic management, leadership or organizational development interventions.
    • Change managers, change management consultants and organizational development consultants who want to explain the concept of change management.
    • Change agents.
    • Project managers who struggle with the people side of project management.
    • Strategists & organizational leaders involved in implementing a strategic plan.

    What it is about

    The book is as a story about a corporate leader who goes on both a physical and an inner journey. Set in post-apartheid South Africa, our hero goes on a journey of personal and organizational transformation. At first he grapples with a team who distrusts him, an organization that is failing, irate customers and a team in conflict as well as a personal life in tatters. As he rediscovers his own personal power, he helps his new team to rediscover theirs. The newly energized team begins to apply creativity to fixing problems. They begin to create a powerful new vision for the organization. They fight many battles as they transform not only the organization but their own lives too. The story shows how energy and creativity resulting from a journey of self discovery, can transform an entire organization.

    Ride the Wild Tiger brings to life topics often taught on leadership courses such as:

    • Personal and organizational change.
    • Strategic planning and implementation.
    • Vision creation.
    • Transformation and organizational development.
    • Team building.
    • Creating high performing teams.

    This is a book filled with positive energy, and is often used to inspire both individuals and teams. It has become one of the most popular books used by business schools and learning and development departments, for leadership, change management and organizational development modules.

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    Read some sample chapters : Click to preview

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    Retail : ..... You save : R-375.00 !

    Price: R375.00 


    Reviews of this product:

    Anonymous commented. 5 out of 5 stars
    I really love the approach of using a story to teach business lessons. Apart from making it so easy to see the practical application of the principles, it is also so much easier to remember than a list of actions. However, most importantly, Ruth Tearle's
    style is incredibly inspiring. This book is not only for business people. Its message is important to all of us. It gives great insights into where we are now in our beautiful country, into the dreams and aspirations of our people, into the personal role which
    we must all play to make a difference. I found the book inspiring and motivating, personal and real, practical and useful. I couldn;t put it down once I started.
    Terry J van der Werff commented. 5 out of 5 stars
    What a book! After reading the first few pages two nights ago, I couldn't wait for my next trip. It's a gripping book, which continuallycaught me off guard, just as I thought Bill was getting it right and settling down, only to have another disaster strike.
    Whew. I finished it a half hour ago, and it's already in an envelope to my future wife in Philadelphia. Frankly, I would like to give it to my clients, who like Bill's bosses, do the strategic planning part decently well, but have great difficultywith the
    change management side of things. This just may be a help.
    Anonymous commented. 5 out of 5 stars
    I gave this book to some friends to read. They were shaking while they were reading from the energy they were getting from the book.
    Elred Lawrence" commented. 5 out of 5 stars
    I think you have a great book - it kept me reading without putting it down until I was finished.  I enjoyed the storyline as well as the philosophy and all the words of wisdom.  I bought the cards as well and I pick one at random each day to contemplate.
    Christo van Biljon. commented. 5 out of 5 stars
    I want to congratulate you on your latest book. It is brilliant! I benefited already from it and I think many many executives all over the world could benefit from reading it as well. If ten percent of companies in South Africa take a few leaves out of
    your book, this country can only prosper. When I started reading the book I could not put it down and finished it one joyful evening. The important things you wrote about meant a lot to me in my life and I associate with many of them. You have identified the
    correct manner in which one should conduct oneself to transform and adjust oneself to cope in control and chaos. When one leads a company with honesty, participation, transparency, care and fun like you have described in your book, one would only be the leader
    of a successful company.
    Johan Pretorius commented. 5 out of 5 stars
    I read your book during the holiday and enjoyed it very much. I was impressed and surprised by your insight, softness, understanding and skillful handling of your characters. My sincere congratulations with this effort and may there be many more. Johan
    Pretorius. Deputy Vice Chancellor Operations. Technikon Pretoria.
    Anonymous commented. 5 out of 5 stars
    Your book was super. I have finished it. What a lovely finish. I really enjoyed it and read it with ease. Renate Volpe. Leadership and culture Innovators.
    Terri Charmichael. commented. 5 out of 5 stars
    I was up till all hours finishing your book last night - once started, I couldn't put it down - literally. I must admit to being overwhelmed by a wave of depression at the first couple of chapters, and vowed that should I ever be tempted to return to corporate
    life, I would re-read those before making any decisions! It was SO close to what happens. Terri Charmichael. Management Consultant.
    Tony Memoli commented. 5 out of 5 stars
    I am not one who has a passion for reading books (except technical documents and manuals), but I really enjoyed yours. I kept on comparing what I wasreading to what has, and still is happening to me. My wife read the first few pages one night, and commented.........that's
    just like you!!! Apart from all the specific messages I picked up throughout the book, I am still trying to summarize the underlying message. Inspiring reading.
    Marsha Nelson commented. 5 out of 5 stars
    I first read the book  “Ride the Wild Tiger” in 2008 at a time when I really was uncertain of where I was going in my life and career.  I had recently given birth to my little girl and then was told that the business in which I worked was to be closed
    and my position would be moved from the town in which I lived to the city approximately 75km away. I would need to travel and this I did not mind intially as the opportunity I was offered was supposed to be a promotion. Everything did not work out the way
    it was promised and subsequently l was left feeling less than useful in my position and deceived.  Fortunately I worked with another young lady who had been to one of your change management courses and she was so invigorated by the book that she passed it
    onto me. The best thing she could have ever done. I could not put the book down.  I had to find out more.  It intrigued me and was so relevant to SA and the cultural diversity that we have here.  I read the book and it changed my life.  From that moment on
    the decision was made in my mind for my life.  No longer would it be up to someone else to decide where I go in life or how far I can go.  I learnt how to stand up for myself and accept the changes that life had on offer and embrace them.  It was not long
    after this book that I had an opportunity to apply for another position and I was successful, this was after hearing negative comments about my abilities being questionable.  To quote “You should learn how to crawl before you try to run”.  Well let me tell
    you I was able to rise above these comments and achieve in a way that I always wanted to.  It is sometimes scary when you think about it because everything has just evolved in my life.  I keep the Sangoma cards close by because there is always something there
    waiting in the background trying to upset the apple cart.  The words give me inspiration and sustenance to go on. Ruth thank you for writing such an interesting, inspiring book it certainly changed my life and now I pass it on so that it can change my team
    and the business in which I work.
    Ruth Mpathi commented. 5 out of 5 stars
    Congratulations!  have read through the first chapter and I am certainly hooked.It is amazing how many of the situations that Bill is going through are so close to home....only we never recognize them until it is too late or until a book such this awakens
    us. Ruth Mphathi Strategist Botswana Water Utilities Corporation.

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