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Use our practical and motivating change management tools and gifts. Either buy our printed products here, or look at Ruth Tearle's author page on Amazon, for a full list of her downloadable books.

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  • Unleash The Magic Within You cards
    Unleash The Magic Within You cardsUnleash The Magic Within You cardsUnleash The Magic Within You cardsUnleash The Magic Within You cards

    Unleash The Magic Within You cards

    Motivational cards to use every day to inspire yourself and your team.

    Retail : ..... You save : R-375.00 !

    Price: R375.00

    Volume Prices:

    Who uses these motivational cards?

    Unleash the magic within your cards are motivational cards that are used by:

    • Anyone wanting to motivate themselves or their team.
    • Any facilitator wanting to inject positive energy into a group.
    • Delegates on strategy, change, projects, and leadership workshops.
    • Leaders : to encourage positive thinking in individuals and teams.
    • Facilitators : to build teams, create trust or energise groups.
    • Public speakers: put a card on each person’s seat to inspire your audience.
    • Change managers and change agents who want to give a gift of positive energy to their teams.

    How these motivational cards work.

    • Pick a motivational card as a thought for the day.
    • During workshops, give each team a pack of motivational cards. Ask each individual member to find a card that ‘has his or her name on it.’ This card represents either a value or a belief. Get each team member to share their card with the group, and explain why they chose it. This becomes a simple way to share values, build a team spirit, and encourage people to share something deep in an easy and safe way.
    • At the end of the workshop give a gift of these motivational cards to each team member. 

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    Reviews of this product:

    Evelyn Naiker commented. 5 out of 5 stars
    I have just landed a job as a Trainer for Capability Scotland. I am wanted to let you know that you had a lot to do with it. I was asked to prepare an icebreaker for a child protection course as well as a 15 min presentation. I thought long and hard about
    the icebreaker and decided to go with the magic cards.Well, what can I say? It was a winner!!!!!. I had stiff competition. But in the end, the positive memory that I had created, had won the day. I learnt that when your back is against the wall, you reach
    deep, into the depths of your creative soul and it’s a magical experience.

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