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Coaching Catalogue

We provide 3 types of pay-as-you-go coaching. Choose the option that suits your needs and budget.

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  • Phone or skype coaching for middle managers and specialists

    Phone or skype coaching for middle managers and specialists

    Business and career coaching by the hour

    Retail : R1,500.00 ..... You save : R0.00 !

    Price: R1,500.00

    Volume Prices:

    This gives the user 1 hour coaching via phone or skype. 

    When to use phone or skype coaching.

    • You have a problem or situation that you can't explain in a few short sentences on CoachChat.
    • You are struggling with a number of issues. You need help in separating the core problem from the symptoms of the problem.
    • You find yourself in a situation that is causing you to feel stressed or making you want to avoid work.
    • You have a new role in your organization.  You don't know what to do first.
    • You are dealing with a leadership or team challenge.
    • You are working on a project. You want someone to bounce your ideas off regarding how best to move forward.
    • You need career advice.
    • You need advice on how to deal with politics at work.

    How it works.

    • Decide how many hours of the coaches time you will need. 
    • Click buy now, and insert the number of hours you want - then check out.
    • Ensure you provide your email address in the secure check out - so the Coach can email you to arrange a time for your phone or skype coaching session.

    What your coach will do.

    • Help you make sense of a problem you are experiencing or help you to see it in a different light.
    • Help you to diagnose a problem and help you to identify the first practical steps you need to take to begin to resolve it.
    • Provide practical advice on how to solve a work related problem or how to deal with difficult people at work.
    • Guide you in your personal development.
    • Advise you in strategic planning, change management, consulting, leadership, facilitation, innovation and personal development.
    • Provide practical advice.
    • Provide you with a few focused actions you can take to move forward. 

    Who uses phone or skype coaching.

    Our clients include:
    • CEO's, or general managers who want to share their frustrations, goals and problems with someone who is not involved in their organization or its politics.
    • Leaders, coaches and consultants who want to test the way forward on a project or intervention.
    • Change managers, strategists, knowledge managers and innovation managers who want practical ways to achieve results.
    • Individuals who are dealing with a difficult or stressful situation at work.
    • Individuals who want career advice.

    Read our terms and conditions 

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    Silver Membership 12 months - R89 a month

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    Executive coaching

    Executive coaching

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