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Use our creative range of facilitation tools to enhance your workshops, conferences or meetings. You can purchase printed products here or visit Ruth Tearle's author page on Amazon, for a full list of her downloadable books.

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  • Hero's Journey poster

    Hero's Journey poster

    A downloadable poster. Print out this poster and use it together with the OD intervention on The Hero's Journey to inspire a team to overcome their fear of change. Large A2 size (23.4in 16.5in).

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    Price: R580.00

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    A poster depicting 'The hero's Journey.' Adapted for organisations.

    This poster will print in high resolution up to A2 size. You may print as many copies as you wish.

    Use this poster together with The OD intervention on using the hero's journey to overcome fear of change.

    What is the hero's journey?

    The hero's journey OD intervention and poster is an adaptation of Joseph Campbell's Hero's Journey for use in organisational change management. It inspires teams at all levels of an organisation to see an organisational change or transformation as a journey of learning and discovery rather than as a threat.

    When to use the hero's journey poster and OD intervention.

    Many people 'resist change' not because they are 'difficult people', but because they fear change. Instead of pushing them through an organisational change and generating resistance, you can inspire and excite them to want to master the change. Use the OD intervention on The Hero's Journey, together with this poster in a workshop. (Remember to print out the poster before your workshop to a good quality A2 size.)

    Types of workshops that you can use the Hero's Journey in.

    The Hero's Journey is a great motivational tool to use to help teams overcome their fear of change when you:

    • Introduce new values into an organisation.
    • Change an organisational culture.
    • Implement a new organisational or divisional strategy.
    • Introduce new systems or processes.
    • Introduce new technologies.
    • Manage any organisational change.

    It is a useful tool to include in the toolkits of

    • Change management consultants.
    • OD specialists.
    • Learning & Development.
    • Change agents.
    • Team leaders.
    • Leaders.
    • Project managers that want tools to motivate people through change.

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