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  • Powerful Facilitation Cards
    Powerful Facilitation CardsPowerful Facilitation CardsPowerful Facilitation CardsPowerful Facilitation Cards
    Powerful Facilitation CardsPowerful Facilitation CardsPowerful Facilitation Cards

    Powerful Facilitation Cards

    A facilitation tool kit filled with left and right brained activities for facilitators, OD consultants, team leaders, change agents and coaches.

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    Price: R2,530.00

    Volume Prices:
    1-29 R2,530.00
    30-49 R1,999.00
    50+ R1,450.00

    What is Powerful Facilitation cards?

    Powerful Facilitation cards is a powerful facilitation tool kit for equipping facilitators, OD consultants, coaches, change agents, innovation champions, and team leaders with a set of practical activities they can use to facilitate effectively. This powerful facilitation tool kit contains 28 facilitator recipe cards. Each card provides a practical participative activity, OD intervention, or group facilitation technique that you can use to make your workshop, training course, conference or OD intervention, both exciting and powerful. There are cards to help you to:

    • Achieve specific workshop goals. 
    • Choose and implement appropriate OD team interventions.
    • Create fun and energy in your workshop or team intervention.
    • Get active participation from every participant.
    • Deal with resistance.
    • Deal with hot issues.
    • Manage the difficult person.
    • Work effectively with small teams.
    • Deal with saboteurs.
    • Create excitement and positive energy around a change, strategy or project.
    • Inspire and motivate delegates to support a change, strategy or project.
    • Facilitate workshops effectively.

    Who uses Powerful Facilitation Cards?

    Anyone who works with a team or group can use these facilitator recipe cards to facilitate workshops, run meetings more effectively and solve any group related problems.

    How the Powerful Facilitation Cards work.

    The front of each card
    describes a situation:

    • A goal you are trying to achieve with a group.
    • A problem you may need to resolve in a group.

    The back of each card provides a recipe to help you to achieve your goal or solve a problem. This takes the form of:

    • A small group activity or intervention which has been carefully designed to achieve a specific goal.
    • Instructions on how to handle feedback after the activity.
    • The materials you will need.
    • The way to organise your groups.

    When to use the Powerful Facilitation cards

    When designing any workshop:

    • Use these powerful facilitation techniques on each card to help you design your workshop. Think about your workshop goal, and then choose appropriate cards/activities that you will use.

    During your workshop:

    • Whenever you feel you are being taken off track by an interruption, or a difficult person, call for a break. Find a card that describes what is happening in the group and follow its instructions to get the group back on track.
    • Whenever the energy of the group is low take a break. Look through your cards and find an activity from the ‘fun and energy’ or ’inspirational’ sections of the pack. Wow the group after the break!  

    Related training course

    Do you need to train a group of people to become effective facilitators? Perhaps you are training:

    • Change agents. 
    • Middle managers to run effective meetings?
    • Human Resources Business Partners to consult with their clients.
    • Trainers and facilitators who need a refreshing set of tools to add to their toolkits. 
    Use The Facilitators Magic Toolkit training course, together with a gift of powerful facilitation cards for each delegate. Watch in amazement how people who have never facilitated before get the confidence and skill to facilitate after only one day!

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