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Strategy Catalogue

Leadership tools for strategic planning, implementing strategy and changing a culture.

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  • Strategic Trends online cards - 12 months gold membership
    Strategic Trends online cards - 12 months gold membership

    Strategic Trends online cards - 12 months gold membership

    Strategic trends cards - 12 months access. Up to date trend research in an easy to use tool for strategic planning workshops

    Retail : R1,900.00 ..... You save : R472.00 !

    Price: R1,428.00

    Volume Prices:
    1-9 R1,428.00
    10-23 R990.00
    24+ R790.00

    Strategic Trends is a trend analysis or PEST analysis tool on-line on the Change Designs site. This tool comprises a set of virtual on-line cards containing up to date research on political, social, economic, technological and business trends relevant to most organizations globally. The trends are updated annually and the research is presented in the form of attractive cards containing both images and text. These cards are arranged in an easy to use, easy to filter pin board.

    The Strategic Trends tool is part of our Gold premium tools collection and is part of a Gold Membership. If you purchase this tool you also get a full 12 month Gold membership and access to all on-line member resources on Change Designs.

    The purchase of this tool gives the user 12 months access to the Strategic Trends on-line tool. 


    Strategic trends are used to:

    • Develop strategic plans.

    • Identify new business opportunities.

    • Develop strategies to achieve business targets.

    • Identify new markets.

    • Encourage innovation in teams. Get people to 'think outside of the box.' 

    • Identify new paradigms that may change the way business is done in an industry.

    • Get a group to see the need for change.

    • Add richness to a SWOT analysis. Provide information that can be used to identify new opportunities and threats.

    • Develop scenarios of the future.


    • The tool contains research on political, social, economic, technological and business trends that are updated annually.

    • The trends are summarised in an attractive visual pin board.

    • From the main tool, you can easily see all the trends or you can filter the trends into different categories such as political, or economic.

    • You can click on a trend, and it will open a trend card. This will contain detailed research, a picture of the trend and further references should you need them.

    • You can pin a trend card to your own personal Strategic Trends Pin Board.

    • You can add your own creative thoughts to the card - such as how the trend will impact on your organization, or the opportunities or threats the trend will bring to your organization.

    • You can generate a summary report of your personal Strategic Trends Pin Board at the click of a button. This report will contain a summary of the trends on your pin board as well as your ideas on how the trend will impact on your organization. 

    • You can copy and paste the report you created into a Word document.


    Use the volume discounts to buy access for each delegate or a membership for each group. During your workshop:  

    • Get each group to choose a member to act as a leader and to control the personal pin board for the team.

    • The team looks at the summary of all the trend cards on the visual pin board.

    • They choose the cards they want to explore further.

    • They click on the first of their chosen cards and the group reads the research on the card.

    • The group brainstorms how the trend will impact on the organization. For example the opportunities it will create for the organization.

    • The leader pins the card to the pin board. He records the groups discussion on the card.

    • After all the cards have been pinned to the team's pin board, and the group has identified opportunities or threats for each of their pinned cards, the leader generates a report.

    • This report can be used to provide feedback to the larger group.

    The report can also be copied and pasted into a Word document as part of the organization's strategic plan.


    You can read more about the Strategic Trends Tool and see how it works on Strategic Trends - a PEST Analysis Tool.

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    Reviews of this product:

    Anonymous commented. 5 out of 5 stars
    I am loving your strategy cards. Just as your cards predicted. I was in Nairobi a few weeks ago, and business was booming. That growing middle class your cards emphasise, and the increasing urbanisation levels were all supported by what I saw around me.
    Huge billboards advertising loads of alcohol, and luxury cars - all signs of a growing middle class. There was hardly a Dettol advert in sight. And building projects, including the construction of the new highways by -you guessed it - It was fascinating to
    see the evidence as detailed in your cards, and to then start thinking about how all of this can be converted into opportunities for our business. Marcelle du Rand. Manager, Business Development – Africa and the Caribbean. NCC Education.

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