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  • Develop an interlocking change management infrastructure.

Develop an interlocking change management infrastructure.


How to ensure everyone in your organization supports one another during an organizational change.

Why even the best change agents fail.

Many leaders believe that all it takes to manage a change, is to hire a change manager and select and train train agents. Then magically, their strategy will be implemented, their new system will be adopted, transformation will occur, and everyone in the organization will act in ways to support their change.

That's the theory. But the reality more often than not, looks like this. Change agents are selected, trained and then left alone to do their jobs. Confronted by powerful people protecting the status quo, and with a lack of support from their managers or those organizing the change, they soon become frustrated. They lose their confidence. They stop working on the change, and focus on doing what their own manager wants from them. Employees in their areas also forget about the change, and go back to doing what they used to do. A few months later someone comments that there is a problem with the culture of the organization. And until that is resolved, a new strategy, project or system will not be achieved.

Organizational changes requires every one at every level to support the change, and to support one another. 

Few leaders understand the interlocking change management infrastructure your organization needs to set up, to ensure that:

  • Your employees get supported by their change agents, in learning new skills and behaviours to support the change.
  • goal-of-change
  • Your change agents get the political support they need from their middle managers.
  • The middle managers get the political support they need from their leaders.
  • Every leader, manager, change agent and employee know what they need to do to make the change work, and are motivated to do what they need to do.
  • Everyone in the organization supports one another, and the change being made.

Use our slides to show the type of change management infrastructure your organization will need. 

Do you need to prepare a powerful presentation for your executive team, on the type of interlocking change management infrastructure you will need to manage a change in your organization?

We have developed a set of slides that you can use in a presentation to your executive team. Use these slides if you want to:

  • Present a model for a change management infrastructure or change management framework, within your organization.
  • Explain how change management will be done within your organization.
  • Explain the roles of different players in a change management system.
  • Sell the concept of a change agent network within your organization.
  • Show what support your change agents will need to get the results you expect.
  • Explain what it will take to build a powerful change management infrastructure.
Create a change management framework or infrastructure for your organization.
To save yourself months of research, and to piggy back onto 20 years of practical experience - simply download this slide presentation.

These slides are available in our member zone.

Go to the slides on how to develop a change management infrastructure with change agents.


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