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  • INNOVATE! The employees guide to innovation.

INNOVATE! The employees guide to innovation.


A book to help you to:

  • Develop a culture of innovation in your organization.
  • Empower your employees. Help them to master the skills of innovation and success.
  • Encourage more people to submit innovations to your innovation system or program.
  • Develop your team in a critical skill needed for the future success of any organization. The skill of Innovation!
  • Give this book as a gift to your team. A gift that will help them throughout their careers.


    Innovate! The employees' guide to innovation

    This book will help your team to learn the underlying beliefs, skills and steps they will need to be able to innovate at work or at home.

    In this book they will learn how to:

    • Turn frustrations into innovations.
    • Solve problems.
    • Improve the way they work.
    • Develop innovations that add value to your company.
    • Solve problems and improve their own lives.

    Use this book to discover the secret to:

    • Finding the time to do innovative work.
    • Choosing an innovation to focus your energy on.
    • Getting the support you need.
    • Choosing the best mental tools to analyse a problem, or choose a solution
    • Progressing step by step on the journey all creative people take, when they develop brilliant innovations.

    Your guide on this journey to innovation, is a highly regarded leadership consultant who transforms boring innovation processes and interventions into inspiring journey’s of self discovery and empowerment.

    In this book, she will lead you through an imaginative journey into your mind. Here you will:

    • Learn the habits that will help you to become more successful at work.
    • Pack your own magical backpack with mental and emotional tools that you can use over and over again on any journey to innovation.
    • Explore the magical world of your brain. Explore the left and right sides of your brain and discover a wide range of mental tools that will transform your thinking.
    • Practice using the tools that will help you to analyse problems, generate solutions, evaluate and choose a solution to work on, and then plan to implement that solution.

    INNOVATE! The Employees' guide to innovation is available in both kindle and print format, on Amazon.

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