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  • OD intervention. Use the hero's journey to deal with fear of change.

OD intervention. Use the hero's journey to deal with fear of change.


This short OD intervention is used to help people overcome their fear of change.

Use this presentation on The Hero's Journey adapted to business, to inspire teams and individuals to overcome their fear of change.

This intervention inspires people to see a change or transformation as a journey of learning and discovery rather than a threat. Joseph Campbell's Hero's journey, is adapted to use in organisational change management.

Why inspiration works better than pushing people through a change.

  1. Often in managing change we get upset when people don't just accept our change, and behave as we want them to. We see their reluctance to adopt a change as ' resistance to change.' We often see this as something negative.
  2. What we fail to recognise is that the real reason people hesitate to adopt a change, is because they are afraid of the unknown.
  3. An organisational transformation such as a new strategy, culture, systems, technologies or processes often requires leaders, managers and employees to leave behind the world they know, and enter into a new world.
  4. fear of change
  5. Many people, who were competent and comfortable in the old world, fear going into a dangerous new world.
  6. Rather than 'pushing people through resistance', we can deal with their fear in a more inspiring way.
  7. The hero's journey inspires people. It helps them understand the journey they will need to undertake, in order to master a change or organisational transformation.
  8. The hero's journey helps people to rediscover one of the most important attributes of successful people - courage.
  9. When you push a change onto people, they see it as a negative threat to their existence. When you present a change as a hero's journey, people see this as an exciting, rewarding call to adventure. This makes leaders, managers and employees more likely to get excited about a organisational transformation.
  10. When people been through a hero's journey, the reward they get is something they can use throughout their careers and also in their personal lives. They get a gift of courage, confidence, determination and inner strength.

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OD intervention: Use the hero's journey to overcome fear of change.

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