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  • Strategic trends research 2018

Strategic trends research 2018

09-Jun-2017 goal-of-change

Updated strategic trend (PEST) research for 2018.

Planning a strategy? Use our on-line strategic trends cards. These attractive trend (PEST) cards contain the latest research on political, social, economic, technological and business trends for 2018.

Our attractive on-line trend cards will inject energy and creativity into your strategy workshops. Use these up to date research cards to:

  • Do a PEST or PESTLE analysis, or identify trends that could impact on your organization in the future.
  • Identify new markets, new products or new business opportunities for your organization.
  • Develop scenarios of the future environment within which your organization is likely to operate.
  • Identify new success factors that organizations in your industry will need to follow in order to be successful in the future.
  • goal-of-changeIdentify possible future competitors.
  • Identify potential threats to your organization.
  • Use a practical and exciting tool to  identify opportunities and threats to your organization as part of any SWOT analysis.
  • Get teams to 'think out-side of the box.'

You simply can't do quality strategic planning without quality trend research.

  • These cards will help you and your team to think creatively, and to prepare your organization for the future. 
  • Our strategic trends research, cards and tool are the highlight of any strategy conference or retreat.

Read more about our up to date trends research

Use our OD intervention to help a group develop new opportunities from strategic trends.

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