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Political Games at Work

  • Work Games
    • Your Games
      • Games to avoid
        • Work harder
        • Explain
        • Excuse
        • Try to please
        • Work longer hours
        • Try to win approval
        • Cancel holidays and weekends
      • Winning strategies
        • Dont respond to tricks
        • Respond when it supports your focus
        • Know your strengths
        • Get a new focus
        • Network
        • Build political support
        • Find a new job
    • Opponents Games
      • Get into the limelight
        • Network with power
        • Show off in meetings
      • Dirty tricks
        • Destroy confidence
          • How could you?
          • Dont support you
          • Not enough
          • You are too .....
          • Focus on faults
          • Ignore achievements
        • Distract you
          • You should ....
          • Why arent you ...?
          • You must ....
      • Isolate you
        • Tell others your faults
        • Make promises for you to others
        • Tell others you have no power
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